Review of ‘Style Kiddie’ – It holds a 72 hour designer children’s wear flash sale every week!

Photo of Sophie and Bonne dress from
Style Kiddie flash sale.

Style Kiddie was started by two mums back in October 2010. It is a website that features weekly 72 hour flash sales of designer children’s wear brands. You have to be a member to be able to view the sales but all that involves is registering your name and email address. You will then be sent updates letting you know what the next flash sale is going to be and when it starts and ends. They hold sales for many designer brands and these include Little Green Radicals, Green Baby, Their Nibs and 3Pommes.

Photo of Hope dress from IDEO from
Style Kiddie flash sale.

I received an email this morning letting me know that a new sale started today (07/06/11) for French designer brand ‘IDEO‘. I have looked at the sale and there are some gorgeous items for sale. IDEO clothes are made from Organic cotton and they are quintessentially French in style. I love the Hope Dress but unfortunately it is not available in my daughter’s size…if it was I would have definitely bought it. It is only £12.00 instead of the usual £32.00….a pure bargain!

The flash sales last for 72 hours and once the sale is over the designer sends the goods to Style Kiddie who then post them out to the customers via courier for a flat rate fee of £3.95.  I think £3.95 is quite high if you are only purchasing one item but if you make the most of the sale and buy a few items then the P+P is very fair.  Sometimes Style Kiddie can have more than one sale at a time and that is the perfect time to have a fun shopping spree and stock up on clothes for your child. Please bear in mind that they say delivery can take up to 21 days but mine didn’t take this long. I expect they have to say this as they have to wait for the designers to send the goods to the Style Kiddie HQ before they can post them out to you. Obviously this is a longer delivery time than most places but as you can save from 40-70% off the original price of items…It is worth the wait!
Photo of Sophie and Bonne dress from
Style Kiddie flash sale.

I dress my daughter in sorts of brand names and I only have one deciding factor for when I am choosing clothes for her….they have to be affordable. If they are not affordable then the chances are that I will not be buying them. What I love about the Style Kiddie website is that it gives me the chance to dress my daughter in designer clothes but at a price that a stay-at-home mum can afford. Yippee!
Style Kiddie are forever featuring brands that I know really well but also those that I have never heard of…which is great! I love the idea that I can rely on them to have a sale on a well known brand but at the same time I have the chance to discover a new brand or upcoming designer.
Style Kiddie gave me the opportunity to receive an item from one of their sales and I picked a fun denim dress from designers Sophie and Bonne. I had never heard of the brand before so I was interesting in seeing what the garment would be like… and it was beautiful!

Photo of Sophie and Bonne dress from
Style Kiddie flash sale.

The dress is made from a lightweight denim and it features an exposed zipper on the back and there is a gorgeous fake flower pin brooch on the front. There is subtle ruffle detailing on the front and some cute little pockets. The dress is machine washable and has been washed many times and it always washes so well. My daughter loves wearing the dress and I think she looks adorable in it. I chose age 3 years as my daughter always needs a bigger size than her age to get a comfortable fit. This size fits her perfectly and I am so pleased with her new piece of designer clothing. I always tend to team it up with leggings as the outfit then looks complete.

Style Kiddie had the dress on sale for £12.00 instead of the usual £24.00 and I think this was a superb price. You can easily pay well over £12.00 for a high street brand so to know I can get a designer piece of clothing for the same price is fantastic.
I am unsure when the next Sophie and Bonne sale will be but my best suggestion would be to sign up straight away to the Style Kiddie website and then you’ll always know which designer sale is next.

Photo of the founders of Style Kiddie. It’s such a happy photo.
Photo courtesy of Style Kiddie.
Photo courtesy of Style Kiddie

Overall I am very impressed with the layout of the Style Kiddie website, the fabulous flash sales and also the selection of brands on offer. My only suggestion to Style Kiddie would be to try and include more descriptions about the clothes as I think even more people would then buy the clothes. The Sophie and Bonne dress that I received didn’t have much description on the site at all. It just said ‘ruffle front dress in dark denim 100% cotton’. Although the description is very accurate it didn’t show a photo of the exposed zipper or mention it either. I think this is a shame as I reckon more people would have loved the dress if they’d known about the fashionable ‘exposed zipper’ as it is a current trend.
Photo of Sophie and Bonne dress from
Style Kiddie flash sale.
If you click here it takes you to the West London Mum website where you can read an interview with Stephania and Mariela, the founders of Style Kiddie .

If you have any questions you would like to ask Style Kiddie then they can be contacted on  If you would like to be kept up to date with current news and offers why not follow Style Kiddie on Facebook or Twitter.

If you would like to visit the Style Kiddie website then please click here to be taken to the website. If you invite a friend to join Style Kiddie you will get credited £10 to spend on the site for each friend when they make their first purchase. Best go and get your address book! 🙂

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