Review of polka dot bandana style dribble-bib by Skibz

Polka Dot Skibz

As you’ll know from reading My Mummy Reviews…I love Polka Dots! So I love this bandana dribble bib from Skibz.

Skibz bandana bibs are designed to look funky enough to wear all the time..not just at meal times. They are ideal for teething babies that dribble all the time. I would have loved one of these Skibz when my daughter was teething but unfortunately when I received this she had got all her teeth so the constant dribbling had stopped.

Polka Dot Skibz

It was lucky for my sister-in-law though as her daughter had just started teething and so she was delighted to review the Polka Dot Skibz for me. Even though I was sad to give it away I was pleased that my niece could look adorable wearing it. If I hadn’t given it to her to review it would have only ended up being put away in my daughter’s box of outgrown clothes, in case they are ever needed again. I now have a policy of only keeping outgrown floral and polka dot items…that way there is less things to keep in the loft. I’m still running out of room though…kids grow so fast!

Polka Dot Skibz

The Skibz is very well made and I’m impressed by the quality. They retail at £10 each which I have to be honest and say I think is quite expensive for one bib. You are however paying for the designer name and they are made to a fantastically high standard. There is also the fact that you can choose from so many fabulous fabric designs….there is so much choice. My favourite is the Pink Spot which was sent to me (which seems to be unavailable at the moment), the blue spot, the Leopard Print and the stunning Vintage Rose (It is so pretty!)

The Skibz bandana bibs can be washed at 60°C and they are absorbent because of the the double layer backing which will absorb dribble/moisture away from baby’s skin. They have a press stud fastening that allows the neck to adjust to two sizes. This is great for ensuring a perfect fit.

Polka Dot Skibz

My sister-in-law loved the Skibz bandana bib and when she tested it out with her daughter she found that my niece wasn’t keen on wearing it at first. She soon changed her mind though and then wore it all the time, as intended. It was washed numerous times and always washed really well. It was a great fit because of the adjustable neck and my sister-in-law said she would definitely recommend them. She said her daughter looked so cute with the bandana bib around her neck, like a little cowgirl.

If you would like to view the full range of Skibz please click here
 I am very pleased to see fair postage charges on the website. If you order 1 to 3 Skibz then postage is £1 per bib and if you order 4 or more then postage is free. I couldn’t however see any delivery charges for when you order Skibz Gift Sets or KidzzFarm Animal Hoppers…I’m sure you can see the delivery charges when you are at the final stages of paying for the item but you can’t see the delivery charges just by adding the item to the basket. I would personally prefer to see the delivery charges for those items on the postage page.

In conclusion I think I can say that the Skibz was a hit! Skibz would make a perfect new baby gift as not only are they fun but they are useful too!

Polka Dot Skibz

Mumpreneur Helen Bristol started making Skibz on her family’s farm in Somerset. When her children were little she tried to buy some bibs that would keep them dry and comfortable when they were dribbling but that were also funky enough to be worn all day as an accessory. She couldn’t find any bibs that met her needs ….so she started to make her own and called them Skibz. Skibz are now a well know brand name in the UK but are also loved by celebrities and sold all around the world! Wow…well done Helen!  

Skibz have now added a new product to their range….Feederz.  They are gorgeous cotton bibs with a PVC backing. They tie at the neck and they are made from the most stunning fabrics. My favourite has to be the Vintage Rose and Fuchsia Circle set. They are only £10 for a set of 2 which sounds reasonable for such beautiful bibs. I wonder if they would send me a set to review?

Photo of Vintage Rose and Fuchsia Circles
 Feederz from Skibz.Photo courtesy of Skibz.

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