Review of SnoozeShade Original – the UK’s first universal blackout buggy blind.

SnoozeShade Original on a stroller.
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I was kindly sent the SnoozeShade Original to review a while back and I gave it to my sister-in-law to review with her young daughter. As my niece likes to nap in her pushchair I though they would like to road-test the SnoozeShade Original for me.
SnoozeShade Original
The SnoozeShade Original is an innovative blackout blind for pushchairs and buggies. It velcros onto the frame of the pushchair / pram and then it blocks out the light so your child can sleep peacefully. It is universal so should fit most models however I am sure that like most Universal products there may be a few exceptions. If you click here it will take you to a PDF which lists the pushchairs that the SnoozeShade Original is known to fit.  The website does say that for the SnoozeShade Original to fit properly your pushchair will need a hood.
SnoozeShade Original

There is a handy sneak-a-peak zip at the front which allows you to unzip a small area and peak in at your child when they are sleeping.

Drawstring on the SnoozeShade Original storage bag
The SnoozeShade Original fastens to your pushchair with sets of high visibility yellow velcro straps. There is also the same High Vis colour used on the seams of the shade. These high visibility details will make it easier for you to be seen when you are out and about with the buggy at night.

SnoozeShade Original in the storage bag
The SnoozeShade Original is designed to be used on your pushchair to block out the light from the sun and any distractions that may prevent your child from falling asleep or staying asleep. The shade is made from a 100% polyester fabric that has UPF 50+ which is the highest rating of sun protection. Bear in mind though that as the SnoozeShade does not allow your child to see out you will need to remove it when they are awake. This means that the UPF 50+ is only going to protect your child when they are asleep in the buggy with the shade attached and closed. So don’t forget to still put the sun cream on your child. (You can read my review of Green People’s Sun lotion for kid’s here). 

SnoozeShade Original
The fabric of the SnoozeShade Original is breathable, soft and porous which means it will allow air to circulate around your child. The Snoozeshade website says that it has been proven in laboratory tests to keep the interior of the stroller cooler…that sounds very reassuring for those hot, summer days when little one is taking a nap in the buggy.

The SnoozeShade Original has been tested to all current British and European safety standards.

High Vis Velcro tabs on the SnoozeShade Original
The SnoozeShade Original is very lightweight and packs away easily into the storage bag that comes with it. It is small enough to pop in the basket beneath the pushchair, hang it on the buggy handles or pop it into your changing bag.

Here is a video from the ‘Which?’ website showing the SnoozeShade Original in action:-

My Sister-in-law absolutely loved the concept of the SnoozeShade Original and she found it easy to fit and she would definitely recommend it. She only had one issue…she couldn’t stand the sight of the high visibility yellow straps and seams. So much so that it put her off wanting to use it out and about. She asked one of her friends what they thought of the SnoozeShade and they too thought the idea of a blackout blind for a buggy was ingenious. But I’m afraid to say they didn’t like the fluorescent yellow straps either. They were both of the opinion that they had spent a lot of money on buying prams in a colour they liked and they didn’t want bright yellow straps clashing with the colour of their prams. I personally quite like the high vis straps but if you too don’t like the idea of them then DON’T WORRY…you can now buy a Limited Edition version that has either a pink trim or a cream trim. (My sister-in-law will be delighted). The Limited Edition versions were created due to customer demand so it must be that my sister-in-law and her friend were the not the only ones that would prefer a more neutral trim on the shade. You will find the links to the limited edition versions towards the end of the review.

Instructions for SnoozeShade Original
If you have any questions about the SnoozeShade you might find the answers on the FAQ page. If the answer is not there then I’m sure the inventor of the SnoozeShade Cara Sayer will be pleased to help you out. You can contact her on
Cara was fed up of trying to position blankets, muslins or coats over her daughter’s pushchair to block out the light so she could sleep. They always moved or were blown off in the wind and never did the trick of helping her daughter stay asleep in the buggy. She had tried to buy something to solve the problem of keeping the light out of the pushchair but nothing existed. She had complained to her friends about the fact she couldn’t buy a blackout blind for her pushchair so they told her to do something about it! So she did! She invented the SnoozeShade!  Well done Cara!

SnoozeShade Original
If you would like to buy your own Original SnoozeShade with High Vis straps you can do so here for £19.99.


To buy a Limited Edition version of the SnoozeShade Original with a ‘Powder Pink’ trim click here or to buy one with a ‘Latte (Cream)’ trim click here. These Limited Edition versions cost the same as the Original High Vis one.
SnoozeShade Original
If you like the sound of the SnoozeShade Original but would prefer to keep the shade on the whole time to protect your child from the sun then you’ll love the NEW SnoozeShade Plus. It is an improved version of the Original and it features a neutral trim and has an innovative two layer design that allows you to keep the SnoozeShade Plus on the whole time but when baby is awake you unzip the ‘lookout’ panel so they can see out. It is also wider, deeper and longer than the original version so you can use it on your pushchair until your child is approx 4 years of age (depending on their height). The SnoozeShade Plus costs £29.99 and you can buy it here.
SnoozeShade Original
There is also a version of SnoozeShade available for infant car seats. It costs £19.99 and you read more about it here.
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