Review of the Unbelievabowl by Vital Baby- Suction base feeding bowl.

Unbelievabowl by Vital Baby

I was recently given the chance to review the Unbelievabowl by Vital Baby and I was very interested to test it out as I had not yet found a child’s suction bowl that actually works!

The Unbelievabowl consists of a suction pad and a bowl which twists and clicks onto the suction pad. It retails at £4.99 which is not too bad considering it is BPA free (Bisphenol- A), Latex free plastic and that you get the suction pad with a bowl included. The Unbelievabowl is designed so that you can fix the suction pad once and then untwist and remove the bowl when the meal is finished. If needed, you can buy a 2 pack of extra bowls to fit the suction pad for £3.99. You don’t have to leave the pad fixed to the tray but you can if you want to.

I was sent the orange version of the Unbelievabowl but it is also available in a bright blue colour and a gorgeous vibrant pink.

Unbelievabowl by Vital Baby

When my daughter first started weaning I bought lots of different suction mats and suction based bowls and not one of them stuck securely to her highchair tray! This Unbelievabowl does stick to the tray but I’m afraid I have found that it does still move around a bit when she pushes it and also it is quite hard to attach the bowl to the pad when it is in situ on the tray. I have had occasions when I have managed to get it to stick firmly and then other occasions when it has been stuck to the tray but my daughter has still managed to move it…. but not REMOVE it.  Ultimately the bowl does stick to the tray but not enough to stop my daughter moving it around. My daughter is now 22 months and probably too old to be using this bowl as she is strong enough and stubborn enough to pull at it until it budges.. However I can imagine this would be ideal for when you are first starting to wean your child as you could fix the bowl to the tray and not have to worry about your young child knocking it over and you ending up with bright orange food stains everywhere! I hate orange food stains! They have ruined so many of my daughter’s lovely clothes as she always managed to get orange baby food on her … even with a bib on! Nothing would ever get them out.  Talking about stains, you will see from the photos that I managed to get the suction base into contact with a tomato based sauce. Needless to say it has stained the base and nothing will get it off. The bowl itself is very easy to wash though and no stains have remained on that, which is fantastic.

Unbelievabowl by Vital Baby
I did have a slight issues in that I found it quite difficult to unscrew the bowl from the suction pad when you first remove it from the box and also when it is attached to the suction pad on the tray. Obviously this is good thing really as it helps to prevent your child removing the bowl from the base but it does take a while to get the hang of removing the bowl to be washed up.

Unbelievabowl by Vital Baby
To fix the suction pad to your highchair tray you need to first lift up the lever on the pad , then position the pad on the highchair tray and then firmly push down the lever to fix the pad to the tray. This is all fairly easy to do but be aware that you have to push down quite hard to twist the bowl onto the pad so you may find it easier to remove your tray (if you can) and have it resting on a firm surface, so you have something to push against.

Unbelievabowl by Vital Baby
I have read other reviews of people who have been testing out the Unbelievabowl and on the whole everyone seems happy with the product. It has been mentioned that it will not stick to wooden tables, but as I don’t have one to test it on…I can’t say for myself whether or not that is true.
I like the fact that the Unbelievabowl and all of the Vital Baby range is BPA free because whenever possible I try myself to purchase products free from this. It’s good that all of the products from Vital Baby are affordable even though they are free from BPA. It means that the mass market are able to buy them and this has to be good for children’s health in the long run. I am not a scientist but going by what I have read on the net and in magazines it seems that BPA is not a very child-friendly substance. You can read a little bit about BPA in the FAQ section of the Vital Baby website or you can read a more in depth description of it here on Wikipedia.

It is great that you can use the bowl in the microwave and wash it in the top rack of the dishwasher.. . .I like anything that makes life easier!

Unbelievabowl by Vital Baby
Vital Baby is run by the Tollman family who have been working in the baby product industry developing and innovating ideas for the last 35 years! In the 80’s they developed products for leading mail order catalogues and then in the 90’s they launched the world’s first co-moulded baby feeding products. Back in late 2003 Steve Tollman and his son Dean decided to develop a range of baby feeding products under the brand name Vital Baby. The company then launched in 2005 and since then has grown into a massive brand that is stocked in Boots, Mothercare, Toys R Us, John Lewis and many more stores both online and on the high street.

Unbelievabowl by Vital Baby
Vital Baby sell lots of different products ranging from feeding bottles to the fab gift idea of a weaning kit bundle.

If you would like to buy an Unbelievabowl you can do so here.

The postage and packaging on orders from the Vital Baby website is charged according to the combined weight of your order plus a little extra to cover handling costs. They do however offer free UK mainland delivery if you spend over £20.

Unbelievabowl by Vital Baby

If you would like to keep up to date with news and offers from Vital Baby you can follow them on Facebook.

I would just like to say thanks to Vital Baby for sending me the Unbelievabowl to review and also thank you for being so kind as to send over 4000 pre-sterilised disposable bottles to those in need during the recent disaster in Japan. I am sure your kindness made a huge difference to the lives of all those mothers and babies during such a unimaginably difficult time.

Vital Baby range. Photo courtesy of Vital Baby

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