Review of Bumpband. A belly band for pregnant mums.

Photo of black Bumpband.

I was sent a Bumpband to review but as I was not pregnant at the time I couldn’t really road-test it as much as I’d have liked. The Bumpband is an elasticated tube that you wear over your bump to cover the gap between your waistline and the bottom of your tops. It is designed to allow you to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes for longer as the bumpband will create a layered effect that will cover up your bump or conceal the buttons on your trousers that don’t quite do up any more.

Photo of black Bumpband.
There are lots of pregnancy belly bands on the market but the bumpband seems to me to be quite unique as it is higher at the front to cover more of your bump.  The only problem I found is that the higher front means that you don’t get a snug fit when trying to wear this belly band post pregnancy as the higher front requires a bump to fill it out and I found that if you don’t have one then the material just hangs funny and is visible under the top garment. This may not be the same on everyone though…it was just my experience.
Photo of black Bumpband.
The bumpband is made from 80% cotton and 20% elastane which makes it nice and stretchy. It is available in black or white and in sizes 1 and 2. There is also a cream version available in size 1 only. The Size 1 should fit pre-pregnancy sizes 8-12 and the size 2 should fit sizes 14-18. The website says that as the Bumpband has 120% stretch the size 2 should fit up to a size 20/22 and that if pre-pregnancy you were a borderline size 12 – 14 then you may be best to order a size 1 as the size 2 will likely be too big.   I found the size 2 to be true to size but it is tighter than any other bumpband I have tried before. Also I wasn’t pregnant when testing the bumpband out so I can imagine it would be very supportive when you actually have a baby bump to carry around all day and night!

The Bumpband costs £16.99 and the postage is £2.50 on one Bumpband or free if you order two or more.  I do feel the price is quite expensive but if it helps you feel that your bump is better supported in the later stages of pregnancy then it will be money well spent. I can’t see any sign of a  returns policy on the website so I am unsure if you are able to have a refund or exchange if the size you order doesn’t fit like you’d hoped.

Photo of black Bumpband.
The only thing I wasn’t too keen on about this bumpband was the creases in the fabric at the hems. You can see from the photo that where the top and bottom edges have been hemmed that there are quite a few creases. I am not surprised really as this type of material is extremely hard to sew (I know as I’ve tried to make clothes from it) but I hope that the one I received was just a little bit faulty and they are not all like this. I’m sure if you had it stretched across a baby bump that the creases would soon go flat against your stomach though.


Photo of black Bumpband.

The Bumpband comes nicely packaged so it would make a great ‘Congratulations you are Pregnant! ‘gift.

The product is a finalist in the Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine Awards 2011/2012 for Best pregnancy product .  So you know people love it!

You can read lots of rave reviews here on the Bumpband website.

Logo courtesy of Bumpband.

If you would like to buy your own Bumpband then please click here to be taken to the mail order shop online.

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