Review of Cheezecoat Music…fun songs for kids.

If you are looking for some fun songs to listen to with the kids then you might like to buy or download the album ‘Cheezecoat’ by ‘Cheezecoat Music. I was kindly sent the album to download for review and I think it is great.

Some of the themes of the songs are quite unusual and not normally found in your typical kid’s songs. You may want to listen to each song yourself before you let your kids start to sing along. For example in the Pee-Pee song he sings about wanting the loo and having to squeeze his knees together to wait for the loo. I am happy to let my daughter listen to the songs though as I love the country music genre.

The songs on the album are as follows:-

Sidewalk Chalk, Belly Button Song, Pee-Pee Dance, Footie Pyjamas, Something Smells Funny, Nanook, Bubble Bath, Stuff At The Mall, Toys, Hotdog On A Toasted Bun, Wonder What Happens At Three, Go Green and ABCs Of Christmas.

You can listen to samples of all the songs here.

Cheezecoat Music is sung in a country style and as I love country music it was a hit with me!

I did find myself giggling when I heard some of the lyrics such as those in the Pee-Pee song.  The album is very different to the current children’s music on the market and it makes a change for me to actually WANT to sing along with kid’s songs.

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