Review of Dishwasher Magic which can kill Salmonella/ E-Coli and Washer Magic.

As you’ll know from reading My Mummy Reviews I love to review all sorts of things! This week me and my mum have been testing out Dishwasher Magic and Washer Magic. They are cleaning products for your dishwasher and washing machine that ‘Clean, Freshen and Maintain’.

Both products come in a screw top 350ml bottle and they cost £3.99 each from Unifit. The bottle of Dishwasher Magic only contains enough for one cleaning cycle whereas the bottle of Washer Magic contains enough for 3.

Dishwasher Magic was tested out by my mum and she found it easy to use. To use the product you remove the screw top lid and place the bottle upside down in the cutlery basket. There is a wax seal at the top of the bottle which will melt at 60°C and allow the liquid cleaner to be released so it can clean and disinfect your dishwasher at the most effective temperature. The Dishwasher Magic is designed to remove odours, detergent residue and tough build-ups of rust, calcium and lime. It will also kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria which includes Salmonella and E-Coli. In our opinion this alone is enough to make it worth it’s price!

Dishwasher Magic say that by using it regularly you will extend the life of your dishwasher and improve its cleaning performance.  They recommend that you use it once a month to ensure optimal cleaning and prevent buildup in your dishwasher.

My mum didn’t really notice much difference after using the product but that is inevitable when you consider it is disinfecting the dishwasher and killing harmful bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye. She has said she would be happy to buy it again and she would probably use it 2 or 3 times a year.
I tested out the Washer Magic on my washing machine which is nearly 2 years old. The product is designed to clean away harmful mildew, freshen the drum and remove any build-up of minerals. The bottle contains enough for 3 uses which makes it quite affordable at £1.33 per cleaning cycle.  Washer Magic is a clear liquid which you add to the detergent drawer of the machine. You then run the cleaning cycle on a hot wash setting. Prior to doing this you can wipe around the rubber seal on the door with a little Washer Magic on a clean cloth.

I tested out the Washer Magic on a 90°C cycle. I found the drum looked clean after use but I didn’t really notice much else. The bottle does say that the Washer Magic will remove residue from areas that are seen as well as unseen….so hopefully the Washer Magic will help my machine in the long run. I do live in a very hard water area so it is reassuring to think that the product should remove mineral build-up. It is recommended on the bottle that you use the product on a monthly basis or as needed. I would probably opt to use it every few months instead.

The bottles do not have a child safe cap which I think is a shame. Obviously the product will be kept well out of the way of children but it would be nice to know for peace of mind that the cap couldn’t be opened by a child. I don’t feel the current screw cap on the Washer Magic bottle is very effective as the product leaks out if the bottle tips over onto it’s side. Just make sure to keep the bottle out of the way of children and definitely standing upright.

If you would like to visit the Unifit website to buy some of these products then please click here.


The videos in this review are courtesy of Unifit.

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