Review of Mum On The Run changing pouch and mat from Pink Lining.

Mum On The Run changing pouch and mat by Pink Lining
If you are looking for a useful little changing pouch that will complete your Yummy Mummy look then you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous one from Pink Lining called ‘Mum-On-The-Run’.  I am a very lucky girl as I was kindly sent one to road test for My Mummy Reviews.

The pouch is made from a 100% Cotton Canvas material which is coated in 100% EVA laminate.  The material has a wonderful print of butterflies, flowers, bees and toadstools and it is called ‘At the bottom of the garden’.

The pouch measures 22cm x 28.5cm and you can carry it with the red canvas wrist strap. I really love the wrist strap idea as it means you can loop it over your wrist and then you still have both hands free to carry your child or hold their hand, etc. This is very useful!  The only thing I don’t like is that on this ‘At the bottom of the garden design’ pouch you are not able to attach it to a buggy that has one big handlebar. Instead you have to put the pouch in the basket under the buggy or carry it on your wrist.  I am however pleased to say that on the newer version of these Mum On The Run pouches the wrist strap has a clip which can be undone so you can attach the pouch to the handlebar. Fantastic!
The pouch is roughly the same size as a piece of A4 paper so it is the perfect size to take with you when you are just popping round a friend’s house, going to the park or just nipping to town for a little bit of shopping. You can fit in the basic nappy changing essentials that you might need when you are only leaving home for a few hours. Like the changing mat, a couple of nappies, some wipes, nappy sacks and a tiny pot of nappy cream.
There is an outer zip on one side of the pouch and this unzips to reveal a pocket. The pocket is very handy as there is enough space to put your mobile phone, a bit of loose change and your house /car keys.

Box for the Mum On The Run changing
pouch and mat by Pink Lining

The ‘Mum-On-The-Run’ pouch comes complete with a  fold-up padded changing mat which is made from matching laminated cotton canvas. The changing mat is the just right size for a baby or toddler and my daughter loves it!  Since starting ‘My Mummy Reviews’ I have reviewed many changing mats and this is by far my daughter’s favourite! The minute she saw this changing mat she ran off with it to put it near her nappy changing things.

The pouch comes wrapped up in hot pink tissue paper tied with pink curling ribbon and inside a Pink Lining Gift box. This all makes the product seem very luxurious and it also means it would make an ideal gift…for either yourself or someone else.

The pouch is made of good quality materials and to a high standard. I am impressed!

Pink Lining is a designer brand and they are well known for the shocking pink lining on all their products. This pouch is no exception as it too has the distinct pink lining on the changing mat and as a backing to the zip-up pocket.

Label from the Mum On The Run changing
 pouch and mat by Pink Lining

Many of you reading this will probably already know about the famous ‘Yummy Mummy’ range of changing bags they sell and like all of you I would love to own one but I can’t really afford the £75.00 designer price tag.

Therefore the fact that this ‘Mum-On-The-Run’ pouch and changing mat set can currently be bought at the sale price of £17.50 instead of £25.00 is fantastic! Yes it is still more money than I would normally consider paying on a zip-up pouch but the set is very useful and it can be used for years to come. Once your child has outgrown the need for nappy changing you can use it as a book bag, toiletry bag, handbag, etc.  The thing to remember is that it is a designer brand and for less than £20 you can proudly say at Mother and Toddlers …’ooh…yes I too have a PINK LINING bag!'”.

Please excuse me for a moment…..I am just going to make a little plea..

Dearest Pink Lining …although I really do love your ‘Mum-On-the Run’ set I would still very much love to review one of your fabulous changing bags. I am very smitten by the pretty Blue Lost Meadow from the Blooming Gorgeous range. If you can see your way to letting me review one for you I promise to give it pride of place on the handlebar of my buggy. I will then happily walk around town letting everyone admire my cute designer bag! Pretty please with a ‘cupcake motif and a cherry on the top’. 🙂

Blue Lost Meadow changing bag from Pink Lining.
Part of the Blooming Gorgeous range.

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