Hungry? The innocent recipe book for filling your family with good stuff.

I’ve been very kindly asked by Innocent if I would like to tell the readers of My Mummy Reviews about how easy it is to cook healthy food for the kids and at the same time manage to get them involved in the excitement of preparing the meal. I am more than happy to oblige as not only do I get to show you these 3 fun cooking videos but I will be sent a copy of the new cook book from Innocent called Hungry? The innocent recipe book for filling your family with good stuff. The book sounds fabulous! It contains lots of recipes for all the family and as it is written by the people behind Innocent Drinks I’m sure the recipes will all be really healthy and delicious.

I love Innocent Smoothies but as they are a premium brand I can’t really afford to buy them all that often. They are worth the money though as there doesn’t ever seem to be any nasties in them…just pure fruit. You can’t get more innocent than that!

I have been aware of the brand for many years but I had no idea how the company came about….. until just now. It seems it all started in 1999 when Richard, Adam and Jon decided they had been eating far too unhealthily, working so much in their jobs that they had become bored and just generally they were not looking after themselves as much as they should have been. They had always wanted to start their own business but 1999 was the year they took the first step to achieving it. There was a little music festival coming up in London and they decided to take a risk and spend £500 on fruit to crush up to make smoothies to sell. Well, the rest as they say is history! Everyone loved the smoothies and when they saw the massive sign up over the stall saying “Do you think we should give up our jobs to make these smoothies?” …. they all voted in favour of the new venture by putting their empty cups in the allocated ‘YES’ bin! At the end of that weekend the ‘Yes’ bin was so full they decided to go straight into work the next day and hand in their notice. This was the beginning of the Innocent Drinks Company that we all know and love.

Innocent has now been going 12 years and there are over 200 people working in their ‘Fruit Towers’ at London. They have just launched their new cookery book as they want to encourage families to cook healthily at home. The book is full of quick and easy recipes which will let you get the kids involved in the preparation of the meal. As my daughter is only 2 I don’t really get her very involved in making the meals. She helped me make my husband’s birthday cupcakes a few months back and she really enjoyed doing that. Plus I got some lovely photos of her stirring the cake mix and inevitably trying to eat the cake mixture en route to the cake cases! 🙂

I’m hoping that when she is a bit bigger she will enjoy helping out in the kitchen and so for that reason I am very excited that I will be sent the Hungry? cook book to try out.

Innocent seem like such a down-to-earth company. I love reading the packaging on their products and I’m hoping the book will be written with the same mix of humour and friendliness. I would love to work for them…one reason being that they put on a monthly ‘Cheese Club’ for all the staff that like cheese!!! How cool is that! As for the humour…well they even have a fake job vacancy on their site for a job in the Maldives. When you click on it you read that it says Just Joking!  Now that is a fun company!

If you would like to buy a copy of Hungry? by Innocent then please click here to be taken to Amazon where it is currently on offer at £11.19 with free delivery.

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