Review of Heinz Squeeze and Stir instant soup sachets

I have some lovely friends in PR and this time they kindly sent me a cool Heinz mug with 2 sachets of the new Heinz Squeeze & Stir soup. What I really liked about reviewing this product is that it is the kind of newly launched product that you see advertised everywhere and then when you go to your local supermarket you still ask yourself the question…Should I buy it and try it? or Just walk on past and always wonder?
Well now that I have  had the opportunity to try out these new soups I can happily recommend them to you.  I found them quick and easy to make, they tasted really delicious and most importantly they are convenient.
The Heinz Squeeze and Stir soups are the new version of the instant powdered soup we all know and love.  I remember when I worked in my last job I used to have an instant soup at tea break sometimes but the most annoying bit was I had to spend ages stirring the powder into the hot water and even then I still ended up with the odd clump of powdered soup. ( Which really didn’t taste nice!)
The idea of these sachets is that you literally just squeeze the sachet of concentrated soup puree into a cup of boiling water and give it a couple of stirs…not endless stirring for half your tea break! 
The resulting soup is really rich and quite thick. It is definitely a much thicker texture than any other instant soup I have had before. 
The two sachets sent to me were Minestrone Soup and Mediterranean Vegetable Soup. I had the Minestrone one which I thought tasted delicious and then I was really nice and let my brother have the vegetable one. He did comment that he thought it tasted more like tomato soup than ‘vegetable soup’ but that is probably just because according to the ingredients 71% of the soup is vegetables but out of that amount 63% is tomatoes with the remaining 8% being made up of 3% onion, 3% courgette and 2% red peppers. Either way…tomato soup or vegetable soup …he enjoyed it and that is all that matters.
The other two Heinz varieties available are the nation’s favourite, Cream of Tomato and also Tomato and Basil. They both sound very comforting to eat and perfect for a quick snack during the cold winter days that will be with us soon.

Photo courtesy of Heinz.

Each soup counts as 1 of your 5 a day, it is low in fat and has no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or MSG.  What is not to like about that?
There is only one down side that I can see to the sachets of Squeeze and stir soups and that is that maybe they won’t be able to make any that contain croutons as they would more than likely go soggy. But don’t worry… I have a suggestion for Heinz:-
Dear Heinz…maker of all things delicious…
If you develop a new type of packet that features a little bag of separate croutons to stir into the soup it would be fantastic! I promise to still buy the Squeeze and Stir even if the packet ends up being a bit bulkier, it’s just I do love some crunchy croutons with my cup of soup.  I will expect royalties if you use my idea…or I’m happy for you to pay me in soup? 🙂
To visit the Heinz website please click here.

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