Review of Microwave Dummy Steriliser a.k.a Clevamama Soother Tree

Clevamama Soother Tree

Months ago I received a Clevamama Soother Tree to review. I have been delayed in reviewing it so I am so sorry Clevamama.  The good thing about my tardiness is that I can now say how well the Soother Tree stands the test of time and repeated use. It is fantastic!

The soother tree is a mini microwave steriliser for dummies / soothers. You hang your dummies on the hooks, measure out the correct amount of water (using the measuring line in the lid), pour the measured water into the base of the soother tree, screw the lid on and then microwave for the allotted time. In my case I need to microwave the 6 dummies for 3 minutes and not 60 seconds as advertised. This doesn’t bother me as I still think it is very quick…but I really do think they should state on their website that it is only true that you can sterilise the dummies in 60 seconds if you have a microwave that is over 800W. If yours happens to be between 500 and 750W it will take you 3 minutes.  After the time is up, you let the soother tree cool down for a minute then lift it out of the microwave and pour out any left-over water using the little drainage spouts on the side.   It’s a very easy and quick way to sterilise all those dummies plus it has the added advantage of helping you to keep all the dummies organised and in one place where you can always find them! That alone is priceless!
Clevamama Soother Tree

I’m not too keen on the style of the handle on the top of the soother tree as I feel it is a bit difficult to grip, especially when it is hot. There doesn’t seem to be enough room for my fingers to grip it. It doesn’t really change my opinion though…the product is still great. I just think the handle needs some slight improvement.

The Soother Tree is very unique and it would be perfect to take on holiday with you because of the compact size. The branches of the soother tree can also be removed so you then have room to sterilise bottle teats in it. It doesn’t say you are supposed to do that…. but I did and it worked!

Clevamama Soother Tree

The Soother Tree also comes with 2 free newborn orthodontic dummies. This makes it even more of a bargain at the price of £7.99 from Amazon with free delivery. It is available at other online stores but the cheapest I could find was Amazon.

The Soother Tree can be bought from many online retailers but I haven’t yet seen it in any of my local high street stores. Before being sent this item for review I had no idea it existed and I’m sure many other parents are the same. I think more high street retailers should start to stock Clevamama products so that new parents who are browsing their local stores will see the product and buy it without having to actively seek it out on the net.

Clevamama Soother Tree showing my daughter’s dummies.
This product has the potential to help save parents time with sterilising dummies and this in turn will make life a little easier…so I highly recommend the Soother Tree!

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If you visit the Clevamama website you will find lots of innovative baby products that I’m sure you’ll love. They sell safety products, bedding and bathtime products and even more sterilising and feeding products.

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