Bupa can help us all ‘Find Healthy’.

I think we have all heard of Bupa but you do you know much about them apart from they offer private health insurance?

I can’t say that I knew much beyond this either…until I watched their latest TV advert called ‘Helping You Find Healthy’. The TV ad features ordinary people who Bupa have helped to rediscover their health.

The advert has a really positive outlook and it certainly made me want to find out more about the people who featured in it. One of the ladies in the advert is bald and can be seen trying on wigs. You do notice that she has no hair but more than that you can’t fail to miss the massive smile on her face. She is just so genuinely happy to be healthy again and she is thankful to the Oncology team at Bupa for that.

Her name is Maria and she has two children. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and told she had two tumours in her left breast so would need to have her breast removed. They originally thought it could be a 31 day wait for the operation but when a Bupa approved surgeon could actually see her the same day it meant she actually ended up having the operation within 5 days of being diagnosed.

If you would like to hear a bit more about Maria and her story please watch this video:-

The aim of Bupa’s ‘Helping You Find Healthy’ campaign is to show us all that ‘Healthy’ means different things to different people and that what we define as healthy will depend on our circumstances and the stage we are at in our lives.  The advert features ordinary people like you and me in the hope that we can relate to the fact that being and feeling healthy will vary from person to person. To reflect this fact, Bupa don’t only offer core health insurance, like I thought before. They also offer physiotherapy, cosmetic treatments. health assessments plus they even run Bupa care homes.

The health insurance they offer is called ‘Bupa By You’ and it allows you to adapt your cover to suit your health care needs. Whether it be dental cover, cancer cover or something else. The range of products that Bupa offers can help to keep you well whilst you are healthy and then when you are ill they will help to support you so you can work on finding health once again.

If you take a look at the Bupa website you will see that they have a ‘Health age calculator‘ on there. I have had a go and found out that my health age is 4 years older than my real age, based on my lifestyle. It says that I could lower my health age by 13 years if I follow a few simple steps such as exercising more and eating a better diet.  If you fancy finding out your health age it only takes a couple of minutes as all you have to do is answer a series of questions on your height, weight, medical history,diet etc.

To find out more about Bupa and the ‘Helping You Find Healthy’ campaign follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

*This was a sponsored post written by myself on behalf of Bupa.

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