Review of Asda Halloween Cakes and Sweets

Asda has really pulled out all the stops for Halloween this year. They have started making scary cakes in the Halloween bakery and spooky sweets have made their way onto the shelves.  They have even promised to contribute to the Halloween party at my local primary school. How devilishly kind of them! 🙂

I approached the PR team behind Asda and asked them if they would provide some party food for a Halloween party at the primary school where my mum works and they so very kindly said yes!  They said they would send over 3 different Halloween cakes and some samples of their Halloween confectionery….the kids will be delighted!

The party food is due to arrive today or tomorrow so that they can be eaten at the party on the 31st October…All Hallows’ Eve.

Here are all the product details:-
Asda Death By Chocolate Tray Bake- £5
A rich chocolate sponge covered with smooth chocolate buttercream, then hand finished with spooky decorations and Belgian milk chocolate drops.
A classic madeira cake oozing with layers of rich buttercream and raspberry jam, topped with ghoulish finger decorations- this terrifying treat is perfect for sharing. The PR team said it might look scary but it tastes delicious. I’m sure they are right….it does look seriously gruesome though! So perfect for Halloween! 🙂

Asda’s Cauldron Cupcakes- £5

A classic Halloween treat; moist vanilla sponge swirled with gruesome shades of green, purple and yellow icing, sprinkled with coloured sugar strands
The cakes all look tasty but scary as do the Halloween sweets and treats which I have pictured below.

Asda Ghostly Ghost Marshmallows

Asda Gingerbread Bats

Asda Sweetie Body Bits

As I am unable to find links to the Death By Chocolate cake or the Cauldron cupcakes in the online Asda store I think they are maybe only available in your local asda store.

I will be writing up my review of the products sent to me after the Halloween party has taken place and the cakes and sweets have all been eaten. If you too are planning a Halloween party then don’t forget that Asda sell all the Halloween essentials that you will need.
To visit the Halloween section of the website please click here. 
You might also like to have a go at making your own Toffee Apples or Ghost Meringues for your party. These spooky recipes can be found here on the Asda site.
* All photos in this review are courtesy of the Asda website.

UPDATE:- 08/11/11

The cakes and sweets were loved by everyone at the party! The cupcakes were gone as fast as my mum put the tray down and the cakes had to be cut into tiny slices as EVERYONE wanted to try a bit! The cakes were really moist and delicious. They were well worth the price and made perfect Halloween party cakes.

The sweets were given away as ‘raffle’ type prizes and the kids were pleased to win them.

Thanks again Asda for helping out with the party food. 🙂 We really appreciate your kindness.

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