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The website recently sent my Mum some compostable waste bags to road-test for My Mummy Reviews. She received 2 rolls of 20 bags…so 40 compostable kitchen waste bags in total. She set about road-testing them at home but also at her place of work. She works in a primary school which is aspiring to become an eco-school so she knew they’d like the chance to be a bit more eco-friendly in the kitchen by using these bags.
The bags cost £4.99 for 40 bags,  £7.99 for 80 bags, £13.99 for 160 bags and £27.99 for 360 bags. All of these prices include free delivery which I think is fantastic!   You can see by the prices that by buying in bulk you can reduce the cost per bag down from just over 12p per bag (when you buy 40 bags) down to just under 8p per bag (when you buy 360 bags).  Admittedly even at 8p per bag they are much more than we would normally pay for kitchen bags but as they are much more eco-friendly than the ones we normally use I don’t think we can grumble.
The bags are designed to be used with compostable food waste such as vegetable peelings and used tea bags. The idea is that you put the food waste that is due to be composted into the compostable waste bags and then when the bag is full you place the bag into the compost heap. Amazingly within just 10 days of being in the compost heap the bag will start to bio-degrade. What excellent news for the planet!
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The waste bags are approved for use with County Council kerbside waste recycling programmes as they have been made from a compostable material which meets EN13432. The bags display the Seedling Logo as they meet the EN13432 standard. You can read more about how the bags are made and how they bio-degrade by clicking here. 

The website claims that their bags are ‘…significantly stronger than similar bags on the market and are less likely to rip and fall apart during use.’. My mum wholeheartedly agrees with this statement and she is very impressed with the bags. She says it is great that you can put wet tea-bags and soggy vegetable peelings in the bag and you don’t have that niggling feeling that the bag will break on your way to taking it to the compost heap at the bottom of the garden.

Compostable food waste bags from

My dad is also very impressed with the bags….but this time as a sandwich bag! When the compostable bags arrived my mum left them on the table over night ready to take to the primary school the next day. However in the morning my dad got up to make his sandwiches for his lunch and he then put them in the funky new green sandwich bags that he found on the table!!!  He was very pleased by the size of the bags as he could fit all his sandwiches in neatly without them getting squashed. Not surprising really…they are 7 litre food ‘waste’ bags. 🙂 

We have now told him they are in fact for food rubbish not for his dinner but he still continues to use them. The routine now goes like this. …Dad uses food bag for 2 or 3 days and then mum starts to use it as a food ‘waste’ bag. Sounds very environmentally friendly to me as it means mum hasn’t bought any more cheap plastic sandwich bags for dad to take his lunch in….therefore that’s a few plastic bags that haven’t been sent to landfill.  Every little thing counts when you are trying to be eco-friendly.

Please note that I do not know if it is okay/ safe to use these as food bags(?). In my personal opinion I can’t see any reason why not…but if you wish to ask then please contact the team at Kitchen Waste Bags here. Whether it is ‘recommended’ or not..I can’t see my dad listening as he likes his new sandwich bags. 🙂

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The Kitchen Waste Bags website not only sell the compostable bags but also the compost waste caddies to put them in.  They sell a few different designs but I love the look of the ‘Metal Caddy’ that comes with 40 bags and free delivery for £30. Click here to see the full range.

If you would like to visit the Kitchen Waste Bag website please click here. Don’t forget to also visit their Facebook and Twitter accounts so that you can start following them.

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