Review of Junior Style Sale website – 72hr flash sales of designer children’s clothing.

Phister and Philina hoody from Junior Style Sale

I am so pleased that Junior Style Sale got in touch with me and asked if I could introduce the readers of My Mummy Reviews to their website. Do you know why I was so happy….Because I was lucky enough to be able to get this beautiful, snuggly hoodie for my daughter to review from their website!!

Junior Style Sale is a fab website that features up to 3 different designer children’s wear sales each week. These flash sales last for just 72hr hours so you have to be quick to bag the best children’s clothing bargains. The sales can be cover just one particular designer brand or even several brands when the flash sale is from a children’s clothing boutique.

If you have read My Mummy Reviews before you’ll know I am not one to splash the cash very often so I was delighted to be sent a £20 gift voucher to enable me to pick an item to review from the site. There is nothing I like more than shopping without having to spend my own money.

I spent nearly 2 weeks browsing all the different sales until I found the perfect item that I knew my daughter would love. The ordering process was easy and the item arrived beautifully wrapped in tissue paper. The parcel looked like a luxurious gift as it had been carefully wrapped up. It was a wonderful finishing touch that made the ordered item feel so much more special. It also means that if you ordered something from the Junior Style Sale website as a gift for someone you wouldn’t need to wrap it yourself. That has to be a bonus!

Phister and Philina hoody from Junior Style Sale

The hooded long sleeved top I ordered for my daughter is so soft and snuggly. It is made by Phister and Philina which is a danish designer brand I have never heard of before now. However now that I have reviewed this item from their collection I will most definitely seek out their items again. The quality is superb and the hoody is made of such a beautiful furry fabric. I love the polka dot cuffs and the quirky design of the hoody.  My daughter has only had the top a few weeks but it has already been worn so many times!  The minute I opened the parcel she put the hoody on and started snuggling up in it. It washes really well and the best bit is that the fabric hasn’t shed any pink fluff which is one thing that I usually hate about these furry kind of garments.
I don’t normally buy designer brands for my daughter so I wouldn’t normally consider spending £20 on a hoody for her, even if it was at sale price. However now that I have had a chance to try out a designer branded item which is made to such a high standard I would seriously consider buying another item like this again next season.  
I have signed up to the Junior Style Sale newsletter by registering my email address and I now receive an email each time they have a flash sale.  (You can register here). I have browsed all of their recent sales and I love looking at all the gorgeous children’s clothes they have available . I also think it’s great that I am introduced to designer brands that I have never heard of before as well as being able to buy from brands I do know.  At the time of writing this review (14th October 2011) there is a Flash Sale on the website for Their Nibs and Mush Kids. I have heard of Their Nibs before and I do love the vintage styling of the clothes. By far my favourite item in the Their Nibs Flash sale has to be the Geisha Print Quilt which is pictured below.

Their Nibs Geisha Quilt.
Photo courtsey of Junior Syle Sale

It is on sale at £42.00 instead of the usual £70.00 which means you are saving a massive £28.00! It would look so pretty in any girl’s bedroom and it would make an ideal Christmas present. The flash sale ends at 8am on Sunday 16th October so you’ll have to be quick if you want to buy the quilt at this special price.  Don’t worry though, once this sale is over a new sale will soon be on …. so still lots of potential Christmas presents you could buy.
All UK orders over £75 on Junior Style Sale qualify for free delivery but if you spend less than that you have to pay a £3.95 charge to cover postage and packaging within the UK. It does state delivery can take between 7 and 10 days but my order only took about 4 days. The reason for the longer than usual delivery time is because after you have completed the checkout and paid for your items the order is passed on to the 3rd party for whom they are holding the flash sale. I think it is great that they are honest about the fact that the delivery could take a little bit longer than a week as at least you have an idea of when to expect the order. They say that good things come to those who wait though…and it’s true! This hoody was well worth the wait. 🙂
Phister and Philina hoody from Junior Style Sale
Junior Style Sale not only have online designer children’s clothes sales but they also hold special 3 day sale events in London. The next one is being held from the 24th November 2011 until the 26th and it will be at Alphaville 2,Shepherdess Walk, London N1 7LB. It only costs £1 to enter and there will be loads of designer kids wear on sale. Plus…not only do they accept cash and debit card but they also accept CREDIT CARDS!! There is a 2.5% surcharge fee on credit card payments but if it means you can stock up on your children’s clothes for the year ahead and then just pay the credit card off in installments that suit you then I don’t think that is too bad.
To keep up to date with all the latest news and offers from Junior Style Sale you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter. They are a very friendly team and it has been a pleasure to review their website for them. I hope you will visit the website and look at all the items currently on sale.

Junior Style Sale logo

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