Review of Lanky Long Loons…Inflatable animal character balloons.

All 3 Lanky Long Loon inflatable animals.
If you were intrigued by the title …let me tell you more. Lanky Long Loons are over 4 feet tall (137cm) inflatable animal characters that can be inflated or deflated as many times as you like. They are described as balloons on the website but I would more consider them to be inflatables. I suppose this is because I am accustomed to associating the word balloons with toys that only last a few days …maximum a week and then your child can’t play with them again. These Lanky Long Loons are completely different. You unpack them, blow them up and then when you want to put these away you just release the valve and squeeze the air out of them. What a fantastic toy to take on holiday with you or round to relative’s houses over the Christmas period. They should hopefully keep the children out of mischief.
The inflatable toys are made from PVC and they are available in 3 different animal designs. I was sent one of each of the Zebra, Giraffe and Tiger. Mine and my daughter’s favourite is the is the Giraffe design as he is so fun and colourful.
The first game we played when we inflated all 3 characters was ‘Hit each other on the head!’. This was an entertaining game that my 2 year old daughter made up and it reminded me of the same game I used to play when I was younger. You know the game…win an inflatable hammer at the fair and then hit as many people as you know on the head with it! 🙂
The second game we played was pretend fighting with the 3 animal inflatables. We each had a Lanky Long Loon and we just whacked each other’s animal with our own. It’s probably not very politically correct but it was fun all the same and kept my daughter entertained and laughing which is the purpose of the balloons.
My daughter has kept the giraffe Lanky Long Loon for herself and we have given the other 2 animal balloons to my mum to take to the primary school where she works.  I am sure they will have as much fun playing with them as my daughter does. She would have happily kept them all herself but as I had already told the school to expect them it wouldn’t have been fair to go back on my word. 
The Lanky Long Loons are very affordable at only £3.70 each  or £10.70 for the full set of 3 animals. These prices include free UK delivery which I think is really great.  I always love websites that offer free delivery as I really hate having to fork out between £3 and £5 to have something delivered. Especially when the item I want costs less than that in the first place. 
The Lanky Long Loons can also be posted to Europe and Worldwide. If you would like to have them sent outside of the UK all you have to do is find the appropriate listing in their online shop and then pay for the items. They have made it really easy to have them posted abroad as the postage is included in the listing price.
Zebra Lanky Long Loon after it has been deflated.
I think the best thing about these inflatable animals is that they make a squeaky sound. This is not mentioned on the website so at first I thought it was a fault with one of the balloons.  I then realised it wasn’t a fault when I discovered all 3 animals make the same squeaky noise. It definitely adds to the charm of the Lanky Long Loons.
These inflatable balloons would be fantastic for children’s birthday parties, as Christmas stocking fillers or for any event where you need to keep all the little ones entertained.
If you would like to visit the Lanky Long Loons website please click here. You can also find them tweeting from @lankylongloons so if you have a minute go and say hi. 

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