Review of Poundland Halloween Decorations 2011

Poundland have been really lovely and sent me a box full of goodies to use at the local primary school Halloween party. The box contained a huge selection of Halloween decorations and accessories and they are sure to really make the party a special event.
Here is a list of all the Halloween things that I received:-
  • Scary Ghost Hanging Decoration – This is also available in a pumpkin or bat design
  • Girl’s Halloween tights in age 11-14 years. they are purple with black glittery witch design.
  • Flashing LED spider badge
  • 24 plastic hanging skeleton decorations – The pack contains orange, purple and white skeletons.
  • Horrifying Gel decorations in a hand shape
  • ‘Spooky’ hanging plaque adorned with glitter.
  • Plastic skull design goblet
  • Gel decoration that spells out ‘Halloween’
  • 2 x head bopper Halloween head bands. one has spiders and the other has bats.
  • Hanging tinsel ghost decoration with the words ‘Boo’.


All of these items are only £1 each so that means that I was sent £11 worth of Halloween products to help add some spookiness to the kid’s party.  My mum works in the local primary school and when they said they were organising a Halloween party the first shop that came to mind for Halloween decorations had to be the wonderful POUNDLAND!

I am very impressed with the quality of the products and my favourite item has to be the spooky hanging plaque as it is has a good weight to it and it looks like it should cost a lot more than just one pound. It is made to a great standard and I am sure it will survive this year’s party and be used again next year.
My mum’s favourite items are the head bopper head bands and the LED spider badge as she thinks they are fun and she knows the kids will love to take turns wearing them at the party.

If you are having a Halloween party then you really must pop down to poundland and buy all your Halloween essentials. They sell nearly everything you will need.

We are lucky enough to have a local poundland store and we have been and purchased some additional bits and bobs for the school’s party. We bought a Halloween music cd, Halloween balloons in orange and black and Halloween tissue paper and they too are all good quality.

As always…Poundland is fantastic!! I like a bargain so you will always find me scouring the shelves to see what fab find is currently on sale there.
To visit the Poundland website please click here. They currently have a superb offer on which means you can buy 6 Halloween things for just £5!! As today is Thursday and Halloween is on Monday the 31st October…make sure you hurry down to Poundland.


UPDATE:- 08/11/11

The party was fantastic and the decorations really added to the party atmosphere. The kids were so pleased to attend such a spooky gathering. The pack of 24 hanging skeletons were the most popular decoration. They were dotted around the room on tables, on the floor, under chairs and the kids all enjoyed hunting them out. My 2 yr old daughter also went to the party and she loved the friendly looking hanging ghost decoration.

I just want to say a big THANKS to Poundland for sending us the goodies.  I have now received some Christmas things from them too…I will review them just before the School Christmas party…so come back and read the review in a few weeks time.


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