Review of Zoggs Lorne Clipback Bodyshaping swimsuit from Simply Swim

Zoggs Lorne Clipback swimming costume
from Simply Swim

I have been sent a rather lovely swimming costume to review from the kind people over at Simply Swim. I was given a choice of two products to review…I could either have the Zoggs Lorne Clipback or the Speedo Finesse U Back.

I opted for the Lorne swimming costume as I liked the fact it has a low cut leg and that it says on the website it should offer good support for those of us with a fuller figure.

The swimming costume is made by a well know swimwear brand Zoggs so I knew that it would be good quality even before it arrived.  I am impressed with the shaping of the bust on the costume and the slimming nature of the fabric but I did find that it didn’t quite offer me enough bust support. The lack of support is mainly because of the fact that I am not all that tall and I found the shoulder straps to be quite loose and this meant they didn’t have enough tension to help support my chest. I am still happy with the costume though as I am just going to make a little alteration and shorten the straps.I know this will then make the swimming costume a perfect fit and it will then give me the support I need.  Just because I have found the straps too long doesn’t mean you will. The level of support that the costume offers you will all depend on your chest size and height. 

The black colour of the swimming costume is very slimming and it does flatter my figure. However I am not so keen on is the fact that the design of the clipback on the costume does mean that your lower back is on show and then people can see any wobbly bits you may have! It looks okay though and I am happy to wear the costume out in public. I like the fact that the swimming costume pulls my tummy in and makes me feel slimmed down.

I think it is great that the swimsuit is made from a chlorine resistant fabric as it should hopefully mean it will last me for quite a while. I do hate those swimming costumes that start to disintegrate after a few times in the pool…the ones that always go thread-bare in the wrong places. The CR25 performance fabric also offers a UPF50+ sun protection rating which is very reassuring if you are wearing this when on holiday in the sunshine.


The swimsuit costs £26.00 which is more than I would normally spend on a costume. This year I bought my summer swimming cossie from the high street and I spent hours and hours trying to hunt down the perfect one and in the end I didn’t find it! I just found found one that ‘would do’. Even though it wasn’t the perfect fit I’d been looking for I still ended up paying about £18.00 for it and even then I had to shorten the straps to get it to offer any support.

Zoggs Lorne Clipback swimming costume
from Simply Swim

From now on I shall definitely consider shopping for a fuller figure swimsuit from Simply Swim as they have such a wide variety of different swimming costumes available and they go up to size 22 in many of the styles. Which is such a refreshing change from the high street! I also think it is fab that because of the existence of the Simply Swim website you are now able to buy swimsuits all year round. I always hate it when my old swim suit needs replacing and it is not the right season to go and buy one in the high street stores. It seems that nowadays you can only buy a swimming costume in a high street shop for about 2 or 3 months of the year! That’s no good for those people who go swimming at the pool outside of the summer season! (Please do note that I am not one of those who ventures to the pool in the winter months though. I am far too much of a baby!)

The delivery charges on the site are £1.99 within the UK and they also offer free size exchanges (although you do have to pay to post the ‘wrong size’ swimming costume back to them).

To buy the Lorne Clipback swimsuit by Zoggs please click here to be taken to the item page. You might also like to browse through some of the other Bodyshaping swimsuits that Simply Swim have on their website. I have had a quick look through them and I love the look of the Aqua Sphere ‘Rachel’ Swimsuit which offers bust support and coverage.

If you would like to hear all the latest news from Simply Swim you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter. They regularly have offers and competitions so it’s well worth following them.

You might also like to read my review of the Sea Folly English Rose Bikini from Simply Beach (a sister company to Simply Swim).

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