Pixie Harness -The new car seat belt for pregnant women.

Are you pregnant, planning to become pregnant or know someone who is pregnant? If so…you will be very interested in reading this sponsored post which is about the first ever pregnancy seat belt harness which was launched just a few months back.
It is called the Pixie Pregnancy Seat Belt Harness and it was invented by British inventor Stephen Weston.  He has been inventing things all his life but he only invented the Pixie harness because his wife had made a comment in 2003 about how a pregnant lady had been prosecuted for not wearing a seat belt whilst driving. She told him he should invent a solution to make it easier for pregnant ladies to wear a seat belt safely when pregnant.  He didn’t rest until he had solved the problem and in December 2010 he finally had the European patent granted on the first ever pregnancy seat belt harness. He told me it has been a long, hard journey to get the Pixie Harness from the idea stage to the production stage but he said that all the positive comments he has received have made it worthwhile. Well done Stephen! And thanks on behalf of mothers everywhere for not giving up on your idea!
The Pixie Harness has been designed to take the diagonal of a standard car seat belt completely away from a pregnant mother’s tummy.  This will hopefully reduce the risk of miscarriage in the event of a car accident whilst pregnant. 
This new take on the conventional seat belt uses safety harness technology and it puts the seat belt support on the shoulders of the mother rather than on their pregnant tummy unlike a normal seat belt.  This means that in an accident it will be her shoulders that takes the impact and not the bump. This should hopefully mean there is less chance of injury occurring to her unborn child.
I can remember back when I was pregnant with my daughter a few years ago I longed for a product like this. It was enough of a struggle to try and drive when pregnant but the worry I had that I would have an accident and the seat belt would damage my unborn baby was horrible. I was forever dreading it! I so wish this Pixie Harness had been available back when I was carrying my daughter.
I was given the chance to review the Pixie harness for My Mummy Reviews but as I am not pregnant I didn’t think I could road-test and review the product properly so I instead asked Stephen if he would be interested in me writing this sponsored post about the product instead. He has kindly paid to cover my time in researching, planning and writing this post. (I did also ask if I could discount in the future…should I ever need a pregnancy seat belt harness again. I couldn’t pass up the chance to ask for a discount on what could now be considered a pregnancy essential!). 
The photo above is one of the press images used for the launch of the Pixie Harness…I’ll be honest….I do find the image quite shocking. But there is no arguing with the fact that the photo gets it’s point across! Smoking and drinking alcohol is potentially damaging to an unborn baby as is wearing a diagonal seat belt across your bump. No words are needed in the photo really…the red cross-through line says all that is needed! It’s a very clever and well thought out branding image that is sure to get the message across about the Pixie harness.

The Pixie Harness was featured on the a Discovery Channel programme called ‘Daily Planet’ back in  January 2011. You can watch the video clip here and all you have to do is fast forward to 7 min 35 seconds to see the part about the harness. It’s makes for very interesting viewing. Please click on the link and take a look.  The video tells you all you need to know about this wonderful, potentially life-saving invention.

The harness could be considered quite expensive at £199.00 but I don’t think you can really put a price on safety. It is still a very new invention so obviously that will have added to the price tag. I’m sure as the harness catches on the price may come down in the next few years making it more affordable for pregnant mums. If you are able to get your friends and family to chip in to buy you one of these harnesses it is sure to give you peace of mind when you are expecting.  You couldn’t ask for a more appropriate ‘Congratulations on your pregnancy’ gift. . . a gift to help protct your unborn but much loved baby.
Don’t forget that you don’t only wear a seat belt when you are driving but also when you are travelling as a passenger.  The Pixie harness can also be used on a front or back passenger seat with a diagonal seat belt so you can help stay safe when you are pregnant whether you are driving or travelling in someone’s car. An injury to your unborn child is said to be able to happen when you have an accident at as little as 15mph. … so the Pixie harness is well worth considering as an investment. After-all you could keep it to use with future pregnancies or lend it out to pregnant friends.

If you would like to buy a Pixie Car Safety Harness please click here. There is currently an introductory offer of 20%  off the harness when you use the code DSCVT. The offer ends on the 14th December 2011.

If you have any questions about the product please don’t hesitate to contact Stephen on info@pregnancyseatbeltharness.com. I am sure he will be more than happy to get back to you with any answers to your questions.

Please support Stephen and his fantastic invention by following him on Twitter and Facebook. If you are pregnant…please consider buying a Pixie Harness and if you are not…please spread the word about the product to all your friends and family. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post everyone. 🙂

* All of the photos in this ost are courtesy of http://www.pregnancyseatbeltharness.com/

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