Review of BPA free Stainless Steel drink bottles from A Fine Choice

Purple Blossoms- Green Bottle from ‘A Fine Choice’
Daniela over at A Fine Choice very kindly sent me two BPA Free water bottles to test out on My Mummy Reviews. The bottles I received were the 350ml Kid’s Bottle in the Busy Bee design and the 750ml bottle in the Purple Blossoms design. I also received a ‘Doggie Cap’ which allows you to let your dog drink from the 750ml bottle.

All of the bottles sold by Daniela are BPA Free (Bisphenol A) and made from stainless steel.

They are eco-friendly because they are non-toxic, recyclable and reusable.  By reusing the bottle you will hopefully avoid having to buy disposable plastic bottles which will be much better for the environment.
Busy Bee – Green Bottle from ‘A Fine Choice’
I gave the Purple Blossoms bottle which costs £11.99 to my sister and I also gave her the Doggie Cap so she could test it out with the family dog. She was very pleased to receive the bottle …especially as I owed her a bottle anyway as my daughter had broken the cap on one of her favourite plastic ones. Oops! 
She has tested the bottle out and she has also taken it with her to the craze that is ZUMBA classes! She likes the fact it comes with a choice of caps. You get a sports bottle cap that you drink from and a twist cap that allows you to drink straight from the bottle. You also get a metal clip that fixes onto the twist cap so that you can attach the bottle to your belt loop or bag, etc. She was very impressed with the fact that the bottle has a wide mouth that is big enough for you to put ice cubes into the bottle. She is in an ice ADDICT! She has it in her drinks all year round!

Busy Bee – Green Bottle from ‘A Fine Choice’
She did try the Doggie Cap with the bottle but she found that the dog just kept biting it and didn’t successfully get any water out. It might be different with your dog though. So it’s worth considering buying a doggie cap attachment at only £2.99 if you think you will find it useful when you take your dog out on walks.
Overall my sister loved the bottle and she thought the flower design was beautiful. She has encountered no problems with the paint chipping or anything like that.  She does think it is good quality although to be absolutely honest she does feel that £11.99 is much more than she would consider spending on a bottle.

I kept the Busy Bee drink bottle for my daughter as it was such a cute design and the perfect size to take out and about with us. My daughter loved it from the moment she saw it and kept calling it her ‘bumble bee’ cup. After a couple of days of use I noticed that the paint had started to chip off and the cap to the bottle had come off of it’s hinge when I tried to wash it. It took me ages to get it back on again but I managed it in the end. I contacted Daniela about this and it seems she already knew about these flaws on this bottle but had just forgotten to tell me. It seems she had checked all the other stock of her bottles and any that had flaws such as this were reserved for sample / review purposes. I do think it is a shame I was sent a faulty product as it has made it a bit hard to give the busy bee design a mostly positive review, as I’d have liked.

Busy Bee – Green Bottle from ‘A Fine Choice’
I do think the bottle is a handy size and the design is nice and cheerful. Having now seen how badly the paint has come of this faulty bottle I don’t think I can say I would pay £9.99 for it. I still think it is great that the bottles are safer for us all because of the lack of BPA and the fact they are non-toxic but they are currently more money than I would would personally pay for them.  My daughter has been able to drink really easily from this bottle and it has encouraged her to become responsible for pulling up the spout to drink from the bottle and then pushing it back in and then putting the top on each time. The bottle is only leak-proof if the spout is completely pushed back in so you must remember to check each time you drink from the bottle. 

I have just been looking on the website and it looks as though the kid’s water bottles now have a completely different type of cap on them. Hopefully this means that these will not have the problems I have mentioned about coming off the hinge.
Daniela is a mum to three young children and she does her best to find healthy, natural products for her whole family. When she heard about the BPA free stainless steel bottles from ‘Green Bottle’ she decided to become a distributor for them. She established her company ‘A Fine Choice’ and started to stock their products. She hopes that by making the products more widely available to people that they will start to steer away from using drink bottles that contain BPA and instead opt for the safer alternative of the stainless steel ‘Green Bottles’.    I am certainly very impressed with the idea behind the bottles and I do like the fact that the bottles have a wide mouth which means I can clean it using a bottle brush. This means I can be sure I have cleaned the bottle as best I can.
Logo courtesy of A FIne Choice.
As I said before…it is a shame about the faulty bottle I received but Daniela has assured me that any bottles that are deemed to have a flaw are withdrawn from sale so you really needn’t worry about purchasing a bottle with the same flaws as mine. If you do encounter any problems with a product you buy or have any questions then please contact Daniela on as she will be more than happy to answer your questions or help you.

If you would like to view the full range of the ‘Green Bottles’ sold by A Fine Choice please click here.  She sells 350ml bottles, 600ml bottles and 750ml bottles. She also stocks some really cool decorative glass straws that are also BPA free. I have never seen glass straws before…they look really fun!

You can follow ‘A Fine Choice’ on Twitter and Facebook.

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