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The weather is starting to get cold and I am sure it won’t be long now until the snow is all around us. I’m starting to get all the winter gear prepared…Wellies, Waterproof Coat, Umbrella, Gloves etc. This year I even have Glove Clips as I have been kindly sent a couple of pairs to review from Glove Clips and Mitten
They are designed so that one clip fastens to the edge of your gloves or mittens and the other clip fastens to the edge of your coat cuff.  They are a very simple idea but one that really works! They stop my daughter losing her gloves which means that I don’t have to keep spending money replacing them. Fantastic!

I was given free rein to choose from the designs on the site and my absolute favourites were the Polka Dot glove clips and the Owl Print glove clips.  They each arrived nicely presented inside a clear bag which means they would make a lovely little gift or stocking filler. They are currently on sale for £6.50 a pair instead of the usual price of £8.50 a pair.

The glove clips are well made and I just love the wide range of designs available. There is a design to suit everyone’s taste. Some of the popular designs for boys are Tractors and Dinosaurs whereas the popular designs for girls are Dora and Hello Kitty. The glove clips are suitable for both children and adults. Even babies can use them too.

I have kept the Polka dot clips for my daughter to use and then I am giving the owl clips to one of my best friends because she just loves anything with owls on it.  She will be delighted I am sure. 🙂

The company ‘Monkeys from Heaven’ who make the glove clips are based in Buckinghamshire, UK. They make handmade Retro-Vintage inspired clothing and gifts.

If you would like to visit the Glove Clips website please click here and to take a look at the Monkeys from Heaven site please click here.

The glove clips are a very useful item that could potentially save you from losing those winter essentials…your gloves! Quick…go and buy a pair now! You don’t want to have cold hands this winter. Brrr!

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