Review of Snuggle Bundl – The World’s First Baby Lifting Blanket! Great for parents with a bad back or to use after having a Caesarean or Complicated Birth.

Snuggle Bundl – Baby Lifting Blanket

The Snuggle Bundl is the World’s First Baby Lifting Blanket and it was invented by David Solomons. It is a redesigned baby blanket with reinforced handles and a padded head area with soft peaked hood that is said to help support your baby’s head and neck when you lift them up.  It has only just been launched and it won the Southern Region Barclays Bank new business awards 2011.

The Snuggle Bundl is a simple idea but one that makes sense!  I can remember all too well that relieved feeling I had when I had just managed to get my newborn off to sleep but I can also remember that sinking feeling I had when she woke up screaming the moment I laid her down in her cot! I can’t say I could really blame her though. After all she was all warm and snuggly in my arms and then there was me trying to lay her down in her not so cosy bed! 

Snuggle Bundl – Baby Lifting Blanket

There is a hope that the Snuggle Bundl could have helped me with this problem as the idea is that you get your little one all cuddled up in it, you fasten the ties so that they feel all snug and secure in the blanket and then when they finally give in and fall asleep you use the handles on the blanket to slowly lower them into their bed. They remain snuggled inside the Snuggle Bundl the whole time, hopefully with no idea that you are moving them from your arms into their cot. Genius idea! Once they are in the cot you can let them sleep the night inside the Snuggle Bundl but it is advised that you untie the blanket and leave it out flat if your child is sleeping in it within their cot, moses basket, etc.
They say that by using the Baby lifting blanket it could possibly help eliminate excessive back pain which can occur when you are constantly stooping down to pick up and lay down your baby. By using the handles on the blanket it means you don’t need to bend down to lay your baby in their cot, pram, car seat etc. This is said to be very useful for mums who have had a caesarean section or complicated birth as once they have had the procedure they can find it very hard to lift and lay down their new baby. They also recommend it to parents, carers and grandparents who suffer with a bad back.

On the website there is a few videos for you to watch that are all about the Snuggle Bundl and it’s journey to market. When I watched this video in particular I loved it when David explained that the first Snuggle Bundl was designed out of necessity to help him and his wife carry and lay down their new born daughter. He explains that he started to lay his little girl on a blanket and bunch it up all around her so he could pick her up in a form of a papoose so he didn’t have to stoop down. His Eureka moment then came when he thought…why don’t I invent this…a blanket with handles!  . The best bit of the video is to see the excitement on David and Mike’s faces when they talk about their new product…and I LOVE it when Mike says that he hopes in the future there will be ‘Bundles of Bundls’ everywhere. They should use that as one of their slogans. It’s very catchy.

Snuggle Bundl – Baby Lifting Blanket

I have watched all the Snuggle Bundl videos on the website and I personally think it would have been much better if in the video ‘The World’s First Baby Lifting Blanket’ they had used a real baby to demonstrate the product instead of a doll. I also don’t think it was such a good idea to show them swinging the 44kg girl in the Snuggle Bundl to demonstrate the strength of the handles. I agree it proves the point of how strong the handles are but I felt uncomfortable watching the little girl swinging in it with such a nervous look on her face. It would have been much better to demonstrate it with weights or even bags of potatoes. By showing the older child in the Snuggle Bundl I feel it just gives people ideas that it might be okay to try and lift an older child in it…even though they do not recommend it.

In the video they say that if your child falls asleep in the Bundl you should fasten the ties and fold back the hood from your baby’s head. However in the accompanying leaflet it says you should unfasten the ties if your child sleeps in it and it is not mentioned about folding back the hood. This differing information could potentially could cause some confusion for parents. I am presuming that if your child is asleep in your arms it is safe to fasten the ties and leave them snuggled in the Bundl as you are watching them and constantly checking their temperature but when they are sleeping in it over night then for safety reasons you should unfasten the ties and fold back the hood as they could possibly overheat while they are asleep and you are not there to constantly check them. These are just my presumptions but if you would like to find out exactly what is okay and what isn’t then don’t hesitate to contact Dave and Mike on They are very helpful and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
Snuggle Bundl – Baby Lifting Blanket

Now to get down to the review….

I was sent a baby blue Snuggle Bundl to give to one of my friends who had just had a baby by c-section. I offered her the product when he was 3 weeks old but she wasn’t keen on the idea of lifting him up in a blanket with handles. We did try laying him in the blanket and to be absolutely honest it did swamp him a little bit which made us a bit apprehensive about attempting to lift him up in it.  She didn’t want to be the one to try lifting him up in it so the task landed to moi.  He felt a little bit heavy to lift up and it was an unusual feeling to be lifting him up suspended in the bottom of a blanket.

I think it is the idea of it that put my friend off the most. It’s a bit like baby wearing…some people like the idea and feel comfortable doing it and some people are not so keen on carrying around their child attached to their chest by just a length of fabric.  I am one of those people that used a baby carrier from day one and I didn’t stop until my daughter was just over a year and a half. I am also one of those people who would most definitely consider using a Snuggle Bundl.  Had it been my own baby I was trying to lift in the bundl then I would have probably not thought anything of trying out the product but as it was my friend’s child I was very wary in case I dropped him!  
Snuggle Bundl – Baby Lifting Blanket
 I am very impressed with the quality of the Snuggle Bundl. It has been made to a high standard from a lovely soft lambskin fleece fabric with a 100% brushed cotton lining. It will definitely keep your child warm and cosy, especially in these upcoming winter months. I do think if you use this in the summer you would need to keep a good eye on your child’s temperature to check they do not overheat though. It’d be a great idea if they made some made from a just cotton fabric especially for summer.

The Snuggle Bundl is very roomy and the handles do seem to be very extremely well made. Having now been able to see the product with my own eyes I can say that I don’t personally think there is any chance of them breaking, which is one of the first things I had been apprehensive of when I saw the Snuggle Bundl advertised.  

As my friend didn’t road-test the product I could have returned the Snuggle Bundl and not written this review…but I’ll admit I do have an ulterior motive! I just don’t want to give it back!! If I do have another child in the future then I may well be very grateful for this product so I shall be carefully packing it away with all of my daughter’s other baby items and I will get it out again if I ever need it.  If it actually allowed me to lay my baby down to sleep without waking it really would be priceless!

Also I want to add that my mum thinks the Snuggle Bundl is a fantastic product and she says that she WISHES there had been something like that around when she’d had me. She said it would have made her life so much easier.

It’s a very simple idea but one that will hopefully help a lot of new mums and dads all around the world. Well done to all of you at Team Snuggle Bundl….I wish you lots of success! 🙂

You can buy your own Snuggle Bundl for £39.99 which includes UK P+P. It is available in 7 different colourways. The colours you can choose from are Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Berry Red, Teddy Brown, Cool Stripes, Rainbow and Spotty. 

If you are visiting their website you might also like to stop by and read their blog or follow them on Facebook and Twitter. It’s always good to be the first to hear all the about all the latest news and offers!


21/11/11 …Dave from Snuggle Bundl emailed to say thanks for the review . He also let me know that the only reason there was any differences between the information on the instruction leaflet and the videos is because I was sent one of the early versions of the product instructions. The instructions have since been revised and so you can rest assured that whatever information is on the video is the same as the instructions on the leaflet accompanying your Snuggle Bundl. I was one of a privileged few to receive a review Snuggle Bundl so thank YOU Dave and Mike for sending me one. 🙂

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