Review of Totseat – the washable, squashable, travel high chair.

Photo courtesy of Totseat.
This review is about the wonderful invention …the TOTSEAT! I love it! It is a fold-away fabric ‘portable highchair’ designed for children between the ages of eight and thirty months. Please note that your child must be able to sit unaided before you can put them in the Totseat.
I approached the Totseat company to see if they would send me one of their innovative travel highchairs to review for my last minute holiday abroad and they so very kindly agreed and sent one out to me super fast. I was so relieved to have this chair harness with me on my holiday. It gave me complete peace of mind knowing that I could use it on almost any type of chair.
Poem courtesy of Totseat
It gave me a safe way to let my then 21 month old daughter sit on the chair to eat her dinner, watch her portable dvd player, etc. Our holiday was spent staying with family and as they didn’t have a high chair for me to use I was so grateful to have this fantastic ‘washable, squashable, high chair’ with me.
I used it in the airport, in the house where we were staying and also out and about on day trips. It was a godsend! To see a video of the Totseat in action please click here to be taken to the Totseat website.
It costs £24.00 which is more than I would have normally considered paying for an occasional use item such as this but now that I have had the chance to road-test the product I can see just how useful it is and I can vouch for the fact it is made to a high standard. I would now definitely recommend the Totseat and I think the price is worth paying for such a fantastic product that not only makes your life with a child easier but also it folds down down into a compact pouch which means you save space in the car when you go on away for a couple of days or on holiday! Now that really is priceless!

If you would like to view the range of different design Totseats please click here. I was sent the ‘Choc Chips’ circle design and I like it because it is unisex. I have been through the stage of buying ALL PINK for my daughter but I am now starting to realise it is sometimes more practical to buy essential items in a unisex / neutral design as you can then use them with subsequent children.
Totseat offer a lifetime guarantee on their travel highchair and if at any point your Totseat develops a fault they will replace it straight away free of charge. You can’t get better customer service than that!
The Totseat would make a fantastic gift for someone who has a young child. With Christmas coming up what a perfect time to treat someone to this Travel Essential! They are sure to be very thankful to you as this Totseat is bound to come in really handy over the Christmas season.

To visit the Totseat website please click here. Please also pop by the Totseat Facebook page and ‘Like’ them and then if you have Twitter why not follow them on there too.

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