Review of OXO Good Grips Oven Thermometer

OXO Oven Thermometer

My mum’s cooker has been playing up for quite a while and she didn’t think it was heating up properly. We had been looking out for an oven thermometer in our local shops but we couldn’t seem to find one. When the chance came along to review an item from OXO Good Grips we quickly said ‘Yes Please!’ and picked one of their Oven Thermometers to road-test. (I didn’t realise before then that they actually sold an oven thermometer because had I have done I would have gone and bought one for my mum).

The Oven Thermometer currently costs £11.00 from Amazon and it is well worth the money as it lets you know the actual temperature of the inside of your oven…not the supposed temperature. It turns out that according to the OXO Oven Thermometer my mum’s oven was actually heating up to the correct temperature so it hadn’t been playing up like she had thought. She was delighted with this news as it meant she wouldn’t have to have someone out to fix the oven. Except this news was soon forgotten about when about a month later the oven really did stop working completely! She now is only able to use the small top oven on her cooker and not the bottom oven that she road-tested the thermometer in.

At least she has saved herself £11.00 by OXO kindly sending her the thermometer to review. 🙂  However I’m sure that when they someone comes out to fix the oven that £11.00 saving will be spent very quickly. 🙁

OXO Oven Thermometer
The back panel of the OXO Oven Thermometer is frosted glass which lets the light from the oven shine through. This makes the large numbers easy to read and my mum found this feature very handy as she didn’t have to struggle to read the Fahrenheit or Celsius temperatures. The thermometer can stand on top of the oven shelf or it can hang down using the special clip.  My mum tried using it both ways but she preferred using it hanging down at the back of the oven as it didn’t get in the way in that position.  The outside of the thermometer is a non-slip silicone material so it is easier to handle. The thermometer is hand washable only and it measures 2.5cm x 8cm x 9.6cm and weighs 85g.

The thermometer is available to by from lots of different online and high street retailers so if you are thinking of buying one you might like to do a quick Google search. Like I mentioned earlier though, at the time of writing this, it is currently available at Amazon for £11.00 with free UK delivery.

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By the way…just in case you are wondering…which I’m sure you are…OXO Tot is not the same company as the OXO who make the stock cubes! 🙂   You can read more about the OXO Tot company here.

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