Review of Poundland Christmas Decorations 2011

Christmas is expensive enough without having to spend loads of money on Christmas Decorations.
That is why here at My Mummy Reviews we all LOVE Poundland! They recently sent £5 pounds worth of Christmas novelty products to us and here’s a list of what we received:-

  • Christmas Novelty headband – I think it’s supposed to be an elf’s hat?
  • Christmas Novelty headband – Reindeer Antlers
  • Christmas hat for a baby
  • Mini Christmas Blanket with 3D Santa design
  • Hanging felt Snowman decoration.

Each item retails at only £1 each which really is a bargain! My favourite item is most definitely the snowman as he has such an adorable face and he really adds to the festive atmosphere when he is hanging up in your house. You could choose to hang him on a hook on the wall, over a door handle or even from a kitchen cupboard handle.

The novelty headbands are cheap and cheerful which makes them perfect as a little pre-Christmas gift for a child. They would be ideal worn as part of a Christmas costume for a school Christmas party or pantomime.

The baby’s Christmas hat and blanket would make lovely little keepsake presents for a child’s first Christmas. I remember how important it was to me to make sure I kept my daughter’s first Christmas outfit and accessories (bib, hat, etc). 

I have visited my nearest Poundland to take a look at all their Christmas stock and they have so many different products available. There are decorations to suit every colour scheme and everything is for sale at the budget price of just a quid. You can’t say fairer than that!

When I was there I spent some of my money on a few lengths of tinsel, a packet of baubles and a metal hanging snowman.  My daughter just loves to stand and look at all the festive decorations on display…every time we go into the Poundland store she will say…’Mummy, Look at that! And this!…ooh, and those!’. It is really does make Christmas special to know that you can buy all the Christmas essentials like crackers, napkins, advent calendars, decorations and tinsel all at just a pound each.

To find your local Poundland please click here.

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