Review of Shabby Chic Floral Design Cotton Flannel Dressing Gown from Charlotte and Co.

Photo of Cotton Flannel Kimono Robe from Charlotte and Co.
 (Photo taken fro the site.)
I have been sent the most GORGEOUS dressing gown / robe to review from the mail order company Charlotte and Co.  The moment I saw this vintage print beauty on their website I knew I would love to own it. Lucky for me that company founder Charlotte Semler kindly agreed to send me one to review. Yippee!   (You can read a bit more about Charlotte here on the Hello Magazine Blog)

The gown costs £36.00 which is much more than I have ever spent on a dressing gown. I won’t lie to you, I do think that is quite a lot of money for a dressing gown…but it is supposed to be luxurious and luxury does sometimes come with a higher price tag. I am very impressed with the softness of the flannel gown and I just adore the vintage style flower print. It is such a shabby chic flower design and I love the fact that I have found the gown to be true to size.

The kimono gown can be machine washed at 40 degrees and the softness of the material will just improve with age as with all cotton flannel garments such as pyjamas, etc.
Photo of Floral Cotton Flannel Pyjamas from Charlotte and Co.
( Photo taken from the site.)

It has generous cropped sleeves and there are side pockets that you can put your bag of chocolates in when you are snuggled up on the sofa in your gown watching Christmas TV eating your way through the Christmas confectionery.

The kimono robe is made from 100% cotton and the length is 102 cm. It is available in sizes 10/12, 14/16 and 18/20. It is also available in two other designs – star or butterfly.

The gown was packaged inside a brown satin drawstring bag and that really was such a luxurious finishing touch. The drawstring bag can be used for all sorts of things such as storing your make up in or even keeping your pjs in there.

If you are looking for a super comfy dressing gown then I would definitely recommend this one to you. Yes, it does cost a bit more than the ones available on the high street but if you get someone to treat you to this as a Christmas gift then the price will not matter to you in the slightest. 🙂  (Except you will feel thoroughly spoilt!)

Charlotte and Co also sell lots of matching items to go with this dressing gown. Here is the full list with prices:-

I have spent ages just browsing through all the pages of the site looking at all the lovely items that they sell. If you too have a little time to spare you can browse the Charlotte and Co website by clicking here.

Photo of Cotton Flannel Laundry bags from Charlotte and Co.
(Photo taken from site)

This mail order company does not only sell nightwear though…oh no…they also sell items under the following categories:- Underwear, Accessories, Bedding and Home, Ladies Wear, Yoga & Pilates and Mens. There is a special offers page on the site and even a clearance section. There are some real bargains in the clearance section…I love the look of the Retro Style Housecoat for a tenner and the Nicole swimsuit for just £5. Those items are only available while stocks last in selected sizes but my goodness what a good price! Go on, take a look. ….you know you want to. 🙂

If you would like to receive one of their catalogues in the post please click here. It will be very useful in the run up to Christmas as you can leave it laying around the house so that everyone will get the hint about which item you’d like them to buy you. You just don’t get the same effect sending your family an email link to the item you’d like!

You can keep up to date with all the latest news and offers by following Charlotte and Co on Twitter and Facebook. You might also like to read their blog.

* Please note that all prices and offers were correct at time of writing. (4/12/11)

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