Review of Tootsa MacGinty Luxurious Girl’s Polka Dot Cardigan from Not

My daughter was sent a stunning polka dot cardigan to review from the website Not Pink. The cardigan is made by British label Tootsa MacGinty and costs £32.00.

It is absolutely beautiful and an item that will fit her for many years. I asked for a bigger size than her age as I normally find that clothes come up small on her but I would say the sizing of this cardigan is just about true to size.  That makes such a change!
I received a 4-5 years cardigan as requested and it is a bit big for her now, aged 2 and a bit, but that is fine by me as it means she will be able to wear this beauty for a long time yet. THAT IS AS LONG AS SHE DOESN’T STAIN IT!!! I would most definitely cry if she did! 🙁

When this first arrived I actually refrained from putting it on her as I was so scared she would drop her dinner on it or something and at £32.00 this is not a cheap cardigan. It is more money than I would ever normally consider spending on an item of clothing for my daughter as she has such a habit of ruining all her pretty clothes. This cardigan is made to a very high standard, it is so eye-catching and just down right gorgeous!!

If I could warrant paying that kind of money on my daughter’s clothes, say if she needed a cardigan to go with an outfit to a wedding or a party or something then I would like to think that I would pay the £32. I am however very frugal especially when it comes to my daughters clothes that get ruined so quickly. Therefore to convince myself that it’s ok to spend that kind of money on a cardigan I would spend at least a week umming and aahing about it and I’d tell myself all of the following things:-
  • She would look adorable in it!!
  • It’s polka dots! (That alone makes me want, want, want it!!)
  • It is made by a designer and that means it will inevitably cost a bit more than I’m used to spending.
  • It says that ‘Tootsa MacGinty’s timeless styles are built to wash, wear and “hand-me-down” – That certainly goes some way to convincing me.
  • And finally….. I would say to myself that I would regret not buying it. Now we all know it’s not good to have regrets!

Anyhow…I am one lucky lady as I actually received the cardigan free of charge for review purposes (one of the many reasons I love being a mummy blogger) and thus there was no parting of cash involved in this instance.

I did eventually let my daughter wear the cardigan after about 2 weeks of just letting it look pretty in her room. She wore it to a family wedding over the top of a floral dress. Very shabby chic and she looked so pretty. Since then she has worn it loads and thankfully without staining it. I have washed the cardigan a couple of times in the washing machine at 30 degrees and it has come out fine. It did pucker up a little bit around the button fastenings but that has mostly dropped out on hanging it up.

You can tell this cardigan is designer just by looking at it. You know how you can spot a Boden garment a mile off…well this Tootsa MacGinty cardigan is the same. It just screams…Quality Designer Item! Do not wear when eating chocolate ice cream! 🙂

The cardigan has beautiful embroidered ladybirds on which my daughter really loves. I just adore the polka dot design. . . I just wish they made a matching adult cardigan to go with it. I’d love one of those.

I was very impressed with the time and effort that the ladies from Not Pink had put into wrapping the item. It came nicely packaged in blue tissue paper with ‘Not Pink’ multi-coloured stickers on. I loved the finishing touch of a sheet of 5 or 6 ‘Not Pink’ stickers inside the parcel. My daughter was delighted to be able to stick them on her books and things. Kids just love stickers , don’t they. It was a thoughtful added extra that made a lasting impression. It’s things like that which make you want to shop with a particular company. So keep up the good work, Mel and Jo.

So all in all, I am very happy with the luxurious cardigan that my daughter now owns and I have no qualms in recommending the website Not Pink to you. It is a company run by two working mums and they started it as they wanted to start to sell clothes for girls that were NOT PINK! They do also sell clothes for boys and they are NOT PINK too.

If you would like to visit their website please click here. You can also keep up to date with any news or offers buy following them on Twitter.

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