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If you like to buy designer clothes for your children you will know all too well that they can sometimes be VERY expensive. I must admit I don’t tend to shop designer for my daughter too much as to be honest I can’t really bring myself to pay some of the eye-watering prices. However that may well change now that I have found the online boutique ‘Half-Pint Chic’ who hold 4 day flash sales with up to 70% off designer children’s wear. In this sponsored post I will tell you all about this little gem of a site….

Half-Pint Chic is an exclusive members only club that sells designer clothes for children and babies at prices that are way below their original RRP.  Nicole Frost, the founder of the company, makes sure to only deal directly with the designer brands themselves so that you can all rest assured that you will only be buying 100% authentic garments in her online boutique.

As it is a members only club you will need to register before you can see all the items on sale. This only involves you typing in your name, email address and a password. Thankfully there’s none of those ghastly, time-consuming forms to fill out.  As soon as you register your email address you are able to visit the current sale, which as of today is ‘Little Legends’. Each sale only lasts 4 days so I don’t mind at all if you want to go and register right now and then come back and finish reading this post later on. I really won’t blame you…None of us like to miss out on a bargain! 🙂

Posh Wool ‘Spotty Coat’ By Little Legends.

The designer clothes that are in the flash sale will vary each week so you never know which new brand you might discover or which old favourite might pop up. This week’s sale started today, 31st January 2012 and it ends at 12pm on Friday 3rd February.  Little Legends are the designer brand in the Half-Pint Chic spotlight this week. They are a West Sussex based children’s clothes designer and they have some beautiful clothes in the current flash sale. I’ve browsed through the selection of clothes on offer and my favourite item has to be the ‘Posh Wool Spotty Coat’ which is pictured above. It’s just such a classic garment but fun too. It is still for sale on the Little Legends website for £95.00 but Nicole has managed to get it on her site for the 4 days for the reduced price of £55.00. That is a huge saving of £40!! This shows that if you do want to buy designer clothes for your child I don’t think you can afford to miss the savings that can be made when you shop with ‘Half-Pint Chic’. At the time of writing, the spotty coat it is still available in sizes 3-4 yrs, 5-6 yrs and 7-8 yrs. Do go and take a look…remember you’ll need to register first, but it’ll only take a minute, if that. If it makes life easier for you, there is even the option to register with the site by logging in with your Facebook account.

Once you have registered with Half-Pint Chic they will send you a weekly email that tells you the next designer brand to go on sale and dates for the flash sale. If you like the sound of the next sale all you have to do is log in to the site and see if anything takes your fancy. If you choose to buy some things from the site the delivery charge within the UK is £3.95 per order and they aim to have it with you within 10 days.  If for any reason you need to return an order then all they ask is that you send back the items within 14 days and then they will refund you the cost of the order, plus the initial delivery charge. All you’ll have to do is foot the bill for paying to return the order. Sounds fair enough to me and it is a refreshing change to see a company who will refund you the initial delivery charge that you paid out.

The website is minimalistic and very well designed. I love the fact that the site is not too crowded with information…it’s just clear, concise and a pleasure to browse through the pages. You can choose to browse the sale by the following categories ‘Everything’, ‘Just Boys’, Just Girls’ and ‘Just Babies’. Once you have selected your choice of category you can then choose the order to have the items presented to you in. I chose price – low to high but you could also choose price- high to low or browse by child’s age. 

Now…If you didn’t think I could say anything more to encourage you to register at the Half-Pint Chic website…You’d be wrong!  They have now gone and opened two fixed boutiques within their website, Party Chic and Baby Chic. What this means is that they now have two sections on the site that have an all-year round sale…not just a 72 hour sale! How fabulous is that! The Party Chic boutique is packed full of dresses, shirts, shoes and flower girl dresses for children aged up to 9 years while the Baby Chic boutique has some stunning outfits for the little ones as well as loads of gorgeous new baby gifts like blankets and teddies. Just look at this pretty little ‘Liberty’ print teddy from Minihaha that you can buy for just a fiver!! How can you possibly resist that?!

Macfarlane, French brand Tartine et Chocolat, Caramel Baby and Child, Egg by Susan Lazar, Poppy and Ned, Berlingot and Italy’s Simonetta. The clothes in the permanent boutiques will always be for sale at way below the recommended retail prices so it’s a great place to shop when you need to buy a special outfit for a special occasion such as a Wedding, Christening or a Birthday Party.

Back in March 2011 the founder of Half-Pint chic, Nicole Frost, was interviewed for the The Little Style Book. My favourite part of the interview has to be Nicole’s response to the question ‘What inspired you to start your business?’. She said that …”the idea of being able to dress her children in beautiful designer clothes at a fraction of the normal price had enormous appeal – you don’t have to worry if they paint in their favourite frock (or lie to your husband about how much it really cost!). “. It’s the bit about lying to your husband that I love! 🙂 It’s just such and honest response and it really makes me relate to Nicole. You can see that she is just as down to earth as the rest of us and that all she wants is to create a shopping portal where we can all buy gorgeous children’s clothes but without too high a price tag.

Half-Pint Chic say that their aim is to change the face of children’s fashion in 2012…I can quite honestly say that I think they could achieve that! Keep up the good work Half-Pint Chic! We all love to bag a bargain but a designer bargain is even better!

If you would like visit the Half-Pint Chic online boutique please click here. You can also keep in touch them by following them on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to bookmark their blog as well. It is regularly updated with the latest news, discounts and details of upcoming sales.

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