Review of kid’s trousers sewing patterns from Dots n Stripes- Farbenmix Dortje and Studio Tantrum Zuma

Trousers made from Studio Tantrum Zuma Sewing Pattern

If you read my review of the Studio Tantrum Hermosa top and Redondo skirt back in June 2011 then you will already know that I LOVE sewing. So I was over the moon when Nicole from Dotsnstripes offered to send me a couple more patterns to review on my site. I received the Studio Tantrum Zuma trouser pattern and the Farbenmix Dortje trouser pattern a little while after completing the other review. I’m afraid I have been dreadfully slow at making the trousers and writing up the review though. (I really am so sorry for the delay Nicole)

I am so impressed with the trousers made from these two patterns…..they are really gorgeous!  I decided to make both pairs of trousers from some floral cotton fabric from my stash and I made the waist band from a contrasting white floral fabric. The waist band on the Dortje trousers is Cath Kidston / Ikea Rosali material and the waist band on the Zuma trousers is a remnant from the material used in my daughter’s bedroom. So she actually matches her bedroom curtains! 🙂

The first of these patterns to be sewn up was the ‘Zuma’ trousers by Studio Tantrum. Unfortunately I made the waist band a bit too small but I was so eager to complete the project that I didn’t spend the time I should have done measuring my daughter’s waist. Lesson learnt! I think they will fit her better as she gets taller though which is fine as they are a bit long at the moment anyway. I found the pattern extremely easy to make, the only really time consuming bit was hemming all around the outside edge of each leg as they are wrap style trousers. You can’t really see they are wrap style trousers from the photo though as the floral fabric is so busy.

Trousers made from Studio Tantrum Zuma Sewing Pattern

Next time I attempt these trousers I am definitely going to have a go at binding the edges and I will also make sure to get the waist size correct and to try and adjust the pattern to get the leg length just right for height. The bottoms of these trousers are curved so it might take a little bit of time to get the right leg length but it would be great if I could make her a pair that will fit her now rather than waiting for her to grow into them.I’d also like to try making the trousers with a different fabric on both the front and back. It would a gorgeous with a floral fabric on the front and polka dots on the back.

I only got round to making the Dortje trousers about 6 weeks ago, thus the delay in publishing this review. I have to say the finished article that you see in the following photos are made from an ‘altered’ Dortje pattern. I decided that I didn’t want to sew a mock fly or side pockets on my pair of Dortje patterns so I just altered my finished traced pattern to eliminate them. It was fairly easy to do so and it was also my first attempt at altering a sewing pattern but I have to say I am so happy with the results. The Dortje trousers minus the mock fly and side pockets was really quick and easy to sew up and I am going to be making my daughter lots of trousers from this pattern over the years to come. My little girl adores wearing these ‘made by mummy’ clothes and it is just so lovely to hear her tell people ‘my mummy made my trousers’ when they say they like them.  I also changed the pocket from being a normal ‘pocket’ shape to the uneven shape you see in the photos. I wanted something a little bit unique.

Trousers made from Farbenmix Dortje Sewing Pattern

This first pair of Dortje trousers do fit my daughter like a glove but the next time I make them I intend to alter the pattern again to increase the crotch length, reduce the leg length and to increase the waist size. Then they will be absolutely perfect! I would love to make them in a Cath Kidston vintage floral fabric….I can see them now! I will be so jealous when I have finished…I’ll want a pair in my size too! 🙂

Trousers made from Farbenmix Dortje Sewing Pattern

The Zuma sewing pattern by Studio Tantrum and the Dortje sewing pattern by Farbenmix both cost £6.60 each. They are real bargains considering the age ranges covered in the patterns and the fact that they are so easy to trace off from the sheet. You do have to remember to add your seam allowance but you don’t have to worry about getting a headache trying to follow tons of different coloured lines like you do on lots of other commercial sewing patterns available on the high street.   I currently have about 40 unused women’s commercial sewing patterns in my pattern stash. I have bought them all from ebay over the years but as of yet I have hardly attempted to make any of them. I am discouraged from trying to sew up the patterns as I just know that the task of tracing out each pattern piece is going to be too much like hard work. I know that once I have removed them from the pack it is just going to be a nightmare to try and trace the patterns from the thin tissue paper that they are printed on. I can honestly say that tracing the patterns pieces from these Studio Tantrum and Farbenmix sewing patterns is a doddle in comparison. Yes it is time consuming to add the seam allowance but worth every minute spent.

If you would like to visit the Aladdin’s cave of a shop ‘Dots n Stripes’ then please click here. Nicole is a very friendly lady and is more than happy to answer any questions you may have or give you any advice on patterns to choose, etc. She stocks some gorgeous fabrics, loads of fantastic sewing patterns, ribbons galore and lots of other useful sewing bits and bobs.

Enjoy visiting her site! She is celebrating her 5th anniversary of the shop this month (January 2011) and to celebrate she is adding a little surprise to each order she sends out and she is also running competitions on her Facebook page and on her blog. It all sounds very exciting! Please go and take a look.

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