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Speedo Sea Squad Floatsuit from

Simply Swim sent me this Speedo Sea Squad Floatsuit to review with my daughter. I am impressed with the overall quality of the item and the product really does work. It successfully kept my daughter afloat in the water (though we did always keep hold of her at all times).

This can be bought in the following sizes:- 2-3 yrs, 3-4 yrs, 4-5 yrs, 5-6 yrs.

The swimsuit I received is an eye catching colour and you can easily spot your child amongst a sea of people when they are wearing this. Please excuse the pun! 🙂 The girl’s version of the Speedo floatsuit is a fluorescent pink and neon green colour while the boy’s floatsuit is blue and neon green.

Here is the description of the product from Simply Swim:-

This excellent floatsuit from Speedo is a buoyancy aid for children age 2 – 6 years and will help them to gain confidence in the water whilst they are learning to swim. The sun protection that this floatsuit offers makes it great for the swimming pool and beach. A great way for children to get used to the water without the restriction of armbands.

I chose to order the floatsuit in a bigger size than my daughter’s age and for that I am happy as the body of the suit turned out to be a perfect fit.  The first time my daughter tried the swimming costume was in the bath and it was then that I found out that the legs holes were rather a tight fit.

My suggestion to you would be…If you do buy this and find that the legs are too tight on your child then I would suggest you take advantage of the Simply Swim Returns Policy and send back the floatsuit and try buying a different size or a different style. You will have to pay to send the item back to Simply Swim and they will refund you the purchase price of the item minus the postage you paid in the first instance. Simply Swim also offer a free size exchange which means that you pay to post the return item back to them but they will send you another size of the swimwear without you having to pay another set of delivery charges.

The floatsuit is made by Speedo which is a brand that I trust as it has been established for so long. In fact, here’s a little bit of history for you which I have copied from the website:-

Speedo® originated in 1914 under the brand name ‘Fortitude’, which was taken from the motto on the clan MacRae crest. It didn’t become known by its now famous brand name until 1928.

I found it to be a little bit difficult to get my daughter into the floatsuit as the float is quite solid and trying to manoeuvre her arms into the armholes was a little bit troublesome. If she was a little older I can imagine if might have been a bit easier.  Once she was in it though she seemed very comfortable and it was so easy to hold her out in the water so she could experience swimming without armbands or a swimseat.

The floatsuit costs £15.00 which I feel is quite a good price. The best thing is that it is so nice to be able to buy swimming costumes all year round from Simply Swim. I find it so irritating that I can’t buy swimming costumes on the high street outside of the summer season.  Well done and thank you Simply swim for giving people a chance to buy themselves and their kids a new swim suit in the Winter!

Simply Swim sell lots of girl’s swimwear  and boy’s swimwear by all of the top brand names such as Speedo, Arena, Head, O Neill, Zoggs and Seafolly.

Simply Swim can be found on Facebook and Twitter – If you follow them you will be kept up to date with all the latest news and offers.

You can buy the Sea Squad Floatsuit or browse all the other float suits available at Simply Swim just by clicking here. Please note that the Floatsuits are found under the section ‘Swimming Aids

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