Review of the fantastic Zumba Fitness DVD Kit. I LOVE TO ZUMBA!

It was such a happy day when the fabulous Aaron over at one of my favourite PR agencies kindly asked me if I’d like to review Zumba Fitness on My Mummy Reviews. I literally sent an email straight back saying . . . . Yes Please!!!

I had just that minute been talking with my mum and sister about wanting to attend Zumba classes when his email arrived. It was fate…it had to be!

My sister and best friend had been attending Zumba classes for quite a few months but as my daughter was still young I hadn’t yet joined them.  Now that I had the fantastic Zumba Fitness DVD Kit on it’s way to me I would at last be able to join in with the craze which is Zumba!

The kit arrived with me and it contained the following items:-

  • Zumba® Basics & 20-Minute Express DVD
  • Zumba® Sculpt & Tone DVD
  • Zumba® Cardio Party DVD
  • Zumba® Total Body Transformation  Booklet / Guide
  • BONUS:- Two Zumba® Toning Sticks
  • BONUS:- Zumba® LIVE! & Flat Abs DVD Workouts

The kit is available from the Zumba Fitness website for a one off payment of £49.98 or for 2 monthly payments of £24.99.  It might sound expensive but when you consider that each hourly Zumba class that you attend will probably cost you about £4 or £5 plus you have to pay petrol to get there, etc…the price isn’t really all that bad.  I think it’s fantastic that you can buy the kit in two monthly instalments as that will really help you if you are on a budget.

The DVD which has the Basics and 20 minute express workout lasts for 80 minutes. The Cardio Party DVD lasts for 50 minutes and the Sculpt and Tone DVD lasts for 45 minutes. The Bonus DVD called Live! & Flat Abs lasts for a total of 75 minutes.   There in that little box is a lot of Zumba partying to be had! 🙂

The tone sticks are not all that heavy but they weigh enough to make a difference when you are shaking them around during a DVD. I just love the sound they make when you shake them. They are filled with sand so that they add a very latino vibe to your Zumba exercise when you shake them. They are comfortable to hold and can be stored away easily in the cardboard box that the  kit comes in.

The music on the dvds is fun, energetic and cheerful. When you watch these Zumba DVDs you really do want to participate and dance and exercise your way to fitness.

The Zumba® Total Body Transformation  Booklet that I received in my kit is written in both English and German. It has 50 informative little pages written in English and it covers topics such as the 10 day accelerated fat loss programme and total body stretch guide. 

I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am to now own these Zumba dvds courtesy of Guthy-Renker. It is so great to know that I can Zumba around my living room whenever I want. My little girl also loves to join in the Zumba party. 🙂

Since I received this kit I really have decided I am a true Zumba fan. I was now even more envious of my sister and friend attending Zumba classes so I too decided I had to start going with them once a week. I’ve now been going to classes for 3 weeks and it really is so much fun. It’s definitely helping with my goal to lose a bit of weight and it just makes you so happy when you listen and dance to the music. The instructor at the class has a real zest for life and she really makes you want to Zumba your way to a new you. Both going to the classes and participating with the dvds is just like going to a really fun latino party. You get fit, have fun and get to sing along with the great songs.

I am extremely impressed with this product and I highly recommend both the DVDs to you and the Zumba craze itself. You really must get involved as it will cheer up those miserable winter days and help you get fit and toned for summer.

You can order the Zumba Fitness DVD Kit here.

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