Review of Sammy the Seal Silicone Bib from Bibisili

Photo of Sammy The Seal Silicone bib from Bibisili

Back in the 2nd week of January I was sent a bib to review from new company Bibisili. The review product was received at the same time as writing a sponsored post for the company, which you can read here.

My daughter was over the moon to receive a parcel and when she opened it and saw the Sammy the Seal bib from Bibisili she loved it from the word go. My daughter doesn’t normally wear this type of pelican bib anymore as she is over 2 years old and doesn’t really require a bib to catch crumbs anymore but she really did love this bib and wanted to put it on and start using it straight away. Both my daughter and I love the cute seal design on the front of the bib and it truly does make it more appealing for her.  I certainly can’t say any bad words about a bib that my daughter actually WANTS to wear….it is one less battle at dinner times if you can get your child to put a bib on without an argument. The other designs and colours available are:- Ellie Elephant who is grey, Hettie Hippo who is pink, Tommy Tiger who is orange and Sunny Shark who is blue.

The bib is a little smaller than I had imagined but this does have it’s advantages as it means it takes up less space in an already jam-packed changing bag. The bib measures approx 15 1/2 cm from the bottom up to the neckline and the bib is 20cm at it’s widest point. The bib fastens at the back of the neck with a very unique silicone hook and loop. There are 3 different settings on the fastener and the silicone neck ties measure 11cm and 12 cm.   In my opinion, I  think the smaller size of this bib means it will be ideal for those little tots that have just started weaning, right up until they are probably about 18 / 24 months. My daughter is over this age and it does still fit her, it’s just she doesn’t really wear a bib much these days.

A lot of the crumb catcher bibs on the market can be made from very stiff plastic and this means they are not very comfortable for your child to wear. You can also buy quite a few different brands of silicone type bibs in the shops but from personal experience I have found them to be a little bit on the large size when using with a small child  and also I always found that the crumb catcher on them stayed closed when the bib was worn which meant the crumbs ended up on my daughter’s clothes or on the floor. The good thing about this Bibisili bib as an alternative to those other bibs I’ve just mentioned is that it is so soft and flexible that your child will be very comfortable wearing it plus the crumb catcher stays open at all times…to catch those crumbs! Now that is what you want from a crumb catcher bib. 🙂

The bib is made from 100% food grade silicone and it does not contain any lead, BPA or phthalates. The bib is eco-friendly as it is re-usable plus Bibisili say it can be washed in the dishwasher, which is great news for busy parents. (I don’t have a dishwasher so I have not been able to test this out.)

The bib is so easy to clean and the silicone hasn’t gone all sticky when you clean it, like some other brands of silicone bibs I have used with my daughter. As of yet there has been no deterioration in the printed design on the bib and I love the fact that the bibs roll up really small so you can pop it in your pocket or in the changing bag. So overall I think you could say….I am very impressed with the product. 🙂

The bibs are not the cheapest on the market as they are £7.99 each plus an additional £1.50 for postage but they do say that you get what you pay for.  These Bibisili bibs are good quality, they are odourless, they are non-toxic so safe for your child but most importantly they do their job and your child will love them!

Photo of fun silicone bibs from Bibisili

I think they would make an ideal new baby gift or perhaps a great 1st birthday present. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Bibisili bibs to you all.  It is also lovely to know that by buying these bibs from Bibisili you are supporting a mumpreneur in her new business.

If you would like to pop by and say hi to Angela, you will find her on Twitter and Facebook. You can also ask use the contact form on her website to get in touch.


At the time of writing this (3/2/12) Angela has a fantastic offer running of FREE UK DELIVERY on all orders!! I suggest you go and take a look at those fun and practical bibs straight away.

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