Review of Sheer Cover Make-up 2012

My sister was over the moon when she received a surprise ‘Review’ parcel in the post. It was a selection of Sheer Cover mineral make-up for her to road-test. She had already been lucky enough to review the Sheer Cover Introductory Make-Up Kit back in April 2011 but this new parcel contained some new products that she hadn’t tried before.

If you haven’t heard of Sheer Cover before then here is a little bit about the products, taken from the Sheer Cover website:-

“Sheer Cover® minerals are 100% natural, infused with skin-soothing botanicals, natural sun protection, and anti-aging green tea to protect your skin from premature aging – meaning you won’t find any oils, perfumes, dyes or talc – ensuring it is gentle and not irritating on your skin. Pure mineral pigments lay on top of your skin to provide extraordinary coverage, while mica reflects light to minimise the look of fine lines and give you a sheer, flawless finish. The minerals work with your skin’s natural oils to make imperfections seemingly disappear instantly, without looking thick, “cakey” or dull. The result is a natural look that lasts.”

When we received the first set of Sheer Cover products to review last April neither myself nor my sister had heard of the brand before. We knew that you could buy mineral make-up in the high street stores but we didn’t know that the brand ‘Sheer Cover’ existed. By the time my sister had finished road-testing the products in the Introductory Make-Up Kit she was a huge fan and had told all of her friends about how fantastic the products were. My sister just loved the flawless look that the mineral make-up gave her skin. The difference between normal liquid foundation and Sheer Cover mineral foundation really was noticeable. She looks so fresh-faced when she wears the Sheer Cover products. She is still only young so there are no lines for the make-up to cover but it is still apparent that the Sheer Cover products, when used in combination, really do work together to cover up her freckles (which she doesn’t like…but I think are sweet) and give her a radiant complexion with a very natural look.

The products that my sister received for this current review are as follows:-

Sheer Cover Sophisticate Face Palette

  • Sheer Cover Sophisticate Face Palette. 

    This compact costs £25.95 and it contains 4 classic eye shadow colours, 2 lip glosses, a blusher and a large mirror on the inside of the lid. The colours of the 2 eyeshadow duos are Sable & White Peach and Charcoal & Mauve. The lip gloss colours are Caramel Ice & Ballerina while the colour of the blusher is Coral Ice. My sister found these products all really easy to apply and she thinks it’s great that this little make-up compact contains all the basics you need to add some colour to your face. It’s the perfect size of compact to just pop in your handbag for a night out and the large mirror comes in really handy when you are trying to apply your make-up.The charcoal colour is good applied with a small brush as an eyeliner.The white peach is handy as a highlighter under your eyebrows and on your cheeks as it adds a glow.

Sheer Cover® Conditioning Cleanser -60ml

  •   Sheer Cover® Conditioning Cleanser -60ml

    This costs £12.95 for 60ml or £17.95 for 120ml. It is a gentle cleansing lotion to be used for removing your Sheer Cover mineral makeup. It contains soothing ingredients such as Vitamin E, cottonseed extract, linoleic acid and rich safflower seed oil. There is quite a big saving to be made from buying the bigger 120ml sized bottle but the 60ml size is just the perfect size for taking with you on your holidays. My sister says the make-up remover smells like berries and it removes the Sheer Cover make-up easily from her face. She applies the cleanser to her face using her fingertips and then she removes it with a cotton wool pad.

Sheer Cover Lip to Lid Highlighter in Pink

  • Sheer Cover Lip to Lid Highlighter in Pink 

    This 1g pot costs £17.95 and can be used on your eyelids, cheeks, lips, décolleté and even your shoulders. The Sheer Cover website says that this radiant, loose powder lets you brighten and illuminate your skin tone anywhere that you need a luminous, healthy-looking lift. It is available in Pink, Peach or Bronze. The Pink is designed to give you a delicate rose glow, the Bronze should give you a healthy-looking flush of warmth and the Peach can be used to give a striking sun-kissed look. My sister received the pink highlighter and she says it is an effective highlighter that gives a radiant glow to her face. It is fairly expensive but it is useful that it can be used all over your face.

Sheer Cover On-The-Go Brush

  • Sheer Cover On-The-Go Brush

    This brush costs £21.95. The idea is that you decant your favourite mineral foundation, powder or blusher into the bottom of the brush and then screw on the base. To use the product you just shake the brush a few times so the product flows into the bristle. There is a handy snap-on lid that means that you won’t lose your precious product from the bristles when the brush is not in use. My sister filled her brush with RimmelRimmel brand of foundation are not as small as the particles in the Sheer Cover one  This might be the reason that not enough foundation appeared to be coming out when using the brush. She hasn’t tested the brush with her Sheer Cover foundation from the introductory kit as she doesn’t have very much left (for which she is very sad…as she loves it!). Also she prefers to apply her foundation directly from the pot with the special foundation brush that you can buy. We do feel the brush is fairly expensive considering it comes empty, without any foundation. I think it would be great idea if they started to sell the brush with a sample size of foundation so then you could try out the foundation and the brush together.

Sheer Cover Deluxe Mini Brush Set

  • Sheer Cover Deluxe Mini Brush Set

     This travel brush set costs £14.95 and it is the ideal size to take with you on your holidays, pop in your handbag or store in your cosmetic case. The stylish patent zip-up pouch contains four essential dual-end brushes. There is the Smoky/Angle Brush, Smudge/Brow Brush, Touch-Up/Conceal Brush and Dual Precision Brush.  My sister really loves the convenience of having all these professional make up brushes in such a compact case. She did however find that one of the brush ends wasn’t glued on very well as it fell off when she tried to use it. We didn’t contact Sheer Cover about this but I’m sure if you had bought this set and this had happened that they would rectify the problem for you. Their customer service email address is, should you ever need to contact them. 

    Sheer Cover® Duo Concealer

  • Sheer Cover® Duo Concealer 

    This 3g Duo Concealer costs £17.95. It is available in Light/Medium, Medium/Tan and Tan/Dark. My sister received the Light/Medium colourway which was the same colour that she had received last year in her introductory kit.  She doesn’t tend to use concealer very much but when she has used this to cover her freckles she has been very impressed with the result. When she reviewed this last time she had struggled to mix the right kind of colour but this time she has had more success. It could be that her skin colour has possibly changed slightly because of the different time of year. She has also tested this out by trying to conceal a slight scar from a shaving cut. She says that once the Sheer Cover concealer and foundation were applied you could no longer see the scar. My sister tends to apply the concealer using the special concealer brush that came in the mini brush set as she thinks it gives the best results.

Sheer Cover Lip Gloss Collection in Modern Neutrals and Berry

  • Sheer Cover Lip Gloss Collection in Modern Neutrals and Berry

    These lip gloss collections cost £20.95 each and they are very sleek and stylish in their black compacts. The colours available are Modern Neutrals, Natural and Berry. Each lip gloss palette contains 6 different shades. My sister received the Modern Neutrals, which is her favourite, and the Berry. She has used both sets and loves the depth of colour that you get from the lip glosses. She prefers to wear natural colours during the day so the Modern Neutrals set has been used the most but she has worn the Berry colours for special occasions or for evenings out. I too have tried the lip glosses from these sets and I loved the rich colours of the Berry tones. They are very easy to apply as there is a lip brush in the set and a wide mirror on the inside of the lid so you can see what you are doing.

WOW….what a long review! There was so many products to talk about though. My sister is always delighted when she gets to review make-up for My Mummy Reviews. She gets to keep the products and I do the writing. I don’t mind though as I know I can always borrow things from her if the need arises.  Both mine and my sister’s favourite Sheer Cover product has to be the mineral foundation that she tested out last time. It gives your face such a flawless appearance and really is quick to apply.

If you would like to find out more about Sheer Cover from Guthy-Renker you can visit the website by clicking here. Don’t forget to read my Sheer Cover review from last April as well. 

You can follow Sheer Cover on Twitter by following @beautinews.

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