Review of Childs Farm Bath Products for Kids with Organic Essential Oils


I cannot recommend Childs farm products highly enough! The products were sent to me and my sister-in-law to review and we have both tested them with our kids and have encountered no problems whatsoever even though my niece has very sensitive skin and my daughter has slightly sensitive skin.

Here are the gift sets that I received to review:-
Childs Farm three bottle gift bag for girls
Childs Farm two bottle gift bag for boys

The gift sets came in useful little cotton gift bags that can be re-used for all sorts of things. I have put my daughter’s jigsaw puzzle pieces in hers so they can be kept nice and tidy in her toy box. You don’t have to buy the gift sets, you can also buy the products individually.

The organic sweet orange oil in the boy’s bubble bath that I tested smells so delicious. You really must believe me on this….it’s a beautiful fragrance and I really hope they consider turning it into a perfume and fragranced candle so that I can beg to be first in line to review them. 🙂  My sister-in – law also loved the sweet orange fragrance in the boy’s hair and body wash and she liked the smell of the organic tangerine oil in the girl’s bubble bath. The boy’s bubble bath is called ‘Get your feet wet! Bubble bath for buccaneers’, the boy’s hair and body wash is called Caked in mud! Hair and body wash for dirty rascals and the girl’s bubble bath is called ‘Clean, calm & collected. Bubble bath for sweet dreams’. The fragrances used in all the Childs Farm products really do make the whole home smell lovely when you are running the bath.  It seems a little does go a long way with all of these products. 

My sister-in-law used the boy’s hair and body wash with her daughter, as we didn’t have any boys to review it with. Her daughter has had very bad eczema but she hasn’t seem to encounter any problems with either this body wash or the bubble bath which is great news.  All the Childs Farm products are tested on children and they have told me it has been tested on other children that have had severe skin conditions and they didn’t suffer any irritation whilst using the products either. Childs Farm also mentioned that they have found that the products are so gentle that no emollients/moisturisers were required on the skin after use.
The other products we received to review were the Groomed to perfection! Shampoo for glossy gals and the Tame that mane! Conditioner for unruly hair . I tested the girl’s hair products on my daughter and I was impressed. The shampoo and conditioner both smell of strawberry and organic mint but to be honest I would prefer it to smell the same as the Sweet Orange bubble bath as I’m not too keen on the smell of mint. However my daughter seems happy with it and that is all that matters. I have so much difficulty washing my daughter’s hair as she hates having her hair washed! She has long hair and more often than not I manage to wash it with a shampoo and then end up applying a leave-in conditioner as it is far too troublesome trying to apply a conditioner and then wash it off.  I have used the Childs Farm conditioner on a few occasions and it made her hair easy to manage and shiny. The strawberry and mint fragrance is very sweet and reminds me of chewing gum. It conjures up memories of Wrigleys Strappleberry gum and Hubble Bubble Strawberry Watermelon.  I’d love it if Childs Farm started to make a leave-in conditioner in addition to this wash out one as it would be great for parents like myself who struggle to get their children to have their hair washed AND conditioned whilst in the bath.


The products are not the cheapest on the market but they are also not the most expensive. I would never normally consider paying close to £4 for a bottle of bubble bath but as I loved the bubble bath so much I think I would definitely consider purchasing it again. These do contain organic essential oils and organically derived replacements to the usual irritants that can be found in some brands of bath products and as expected that is obviously going to push the price up when compared to other products on the market.


The range of products is aimed at children aged 4-10 years old and the products have been specially formulated for young skin and hair. The products are described as being as mild, gentle and natural as they can be, whilst still doing their important jobs of detangling and cleaning.  They say that that the products all contain certified organic essential oils and that thy are free of nasties such as SLS/SLES, Parabens, Mineral Oil and Artificial colours. The packaging is bright and visually appealing. I wasn’t in the least bit surprised when I recently saw that Childs Farm have just been  shortlisted in the the toiletries category of the Junior Design Awards 2012. The packaging is very unique, even down to the patent pending X-PRESS ‘push’ caps that they use on the bottles. These lids make it really easy for kids to be able to use the product as they can really easily push down the button and then squeeze out the product. All of the photos of the animals on the packaging actually live on the real ‘Childs Farm’ in Hampshire and on the gorgeous Childs Farm website  there are photos of each animal with info about them. I think this is a really lovely touch and I’m sure it is something that kids will love.
Childs Farm donate some of their profits from selling the bath products to help two different charities. The charities they support are RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) and FCN (Farm Crisis Network). You can find out more about these charities here.

I think it is great that they are putting some of their profits towards good causes like these. The description of the charities is on the website but only the charity logos are on the actual bottles. I think it would be a good idea to include the charity name on the bottles as well so that people could be more encouraged to buy the products if they wish to help support those charities. I’ve never heard of either of these charities before and because only the logos are currently on the bottles I wouldn’t realise which charity I was helping to support. I don’t think these products are yet stocked in shops so that is probably why they’ve not yet added more info as they know you’ll have to browse the site anyway to purchase the products.

If, like me, you like to know the ingredients of the products you are using on your child’s skin then you will be pleased to know that Child’s Farm provide a full ingredient list for each product on their website. When I was first offered the opportunity to review these product I did first question their use of Sodium Coco Sulphate in the products as I was worried it might be the same as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) which I do my best to avoid using on my daughter’s skin. I also said to Childs Farm that I didn’t like to read all the ‘chemical sounding names’ as they always got me worried that they were harmful to my child. Well, what can I say…I have never before received a response to a question by a company in such a professional, helpful and understanding way! They were courteous and gave a full explanation of the reasons for using their chosen ingredients. It turned out that the Sodium Coco Sulphate is a surfactant derived from Coconut oil and it’s use is permitted by both Ecocert and Soil Association and it is said to count as ‘natural’. They also said something that really did make me stop and think. They said that the ingredients I was concerned about should not be confused with ‘nasties’ that bear similar names and that I shouldn’t think an ingredient is threatening just because it has numbers in it’s name (Such as PEG-12 Dimthicone which I’d also been slightly apprehensive of). They then gave the example of how ‘H2O’ (water) is safe and natural in comparison to ‘E’- which we all know isn’t.  I’ll be honest in saying that I’d never really thought of it like that. I’d always sub-consciously thought of ingredients with numbers and chemical sounding names as being inherently bad for you but like they proved with their example I shouldn’t always think like this. ‘H2O’ isn’t bad for us – It’s the exact opposite, it’s great for us.   I’m pleased that I questioned them as it has allowed me to see that Childs Farm are not only a ‘brand’ but also a company with real people behind it that actually care about not only their products but also the people using them too. In the end I felt comfortable in testing the products on my daughter and niece’s skin and I don’t hesitate in recommending the products to you.

You can read a lovely interview with Joanna Jenson,the founder of Childs Farm, here on Plus don’t forget to go and like the company on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Click here to be taken to the Childs Farm website so you can purchase your own set of bath products that are ‘as natural as your countryside’. These products would make great gifts for a child of any age.  I just love all the fantastic names they have given each products, it reminds me of another popular skincare brand ‘Lush’ in that respect.

*Photos are courtesy of Childs Farm

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