Review of a bouquet of flowers from Flowercard

bouquet of flowers
Bouquet of flowers from Flowercard

Recently Flowercard kindly sent my Mum a bouquet of flowers and they came at just the right time as she was just getting over being poorly.  The bouquet was an orange version of the ‘Queen’s Meadow’ bouquet. I think it may have been a special Mother’s Day version as it was delivered around the same time as that special occasion.

The bouquet costs £29.99 plus an additional £5.99 for courier delivery. I think that is about the average price for a delivered bouquet of flowers but to be absolutely honest I do feel that is a bit too expensive for what they are. If you had bought these in your local supermarket you would have probably been looking at paying about £12 to £15. However that is not the point as people who choose to send bouquets of flowers to relatives or friends who live far away don’t have the option of popping to the supermarket for a bouquet so the next best thing is to use a company like Flowercard.  The bouquet does also come with a personalised card though and that is a lovely finishing touch. I am lucky enough to live close enough to Mum to be able to buy her flowers from the market or the supermarket but Flowercard exists for those people who are not fortunate enough to live as close by to their loved ones as I do.

The bouquet was presented very attractively in some orange and yellow tissue paper with a touch of cellophane to add the lovely ‘bouquet rustle’ sound that we all love. 🙂 The finishing touch was a pink ribbon tied into a bow around the bottom of the bunch of flowers.

The bouquet was made up of a mix of green foliage and yellow, orange and white flowers. The orange gerbera were looking a bit sorry for themselves when they arrived but they did perk up after my Mum took them out of the waterbag and put them in a vase with the supplied sachet of flower food. I think there was about 9 yellow fairtrade roses and they looked very pretty in the bouquet. It’s a shame the person receiving the bouquet wouldn’t realise they were fairtrade though unless they visited the website. The other flowers were what I think might be white cow parsnip (but I’m not 100% sure as it doesn’t say on the website and I’m not all that good with my flower names) and greeny white carnations. One of the carnations broke as soon as the bouquet was removed from the box, which is a pity.

bouquet of flowers
Bouquet of flowers from Flowercard

The bouquet didn’t come with any instructions to say whether or not you should remove the flowers from the ‘water bag’ they came in so in the end my mum decided she would take them out and put them in a vase with fresh water as they had sent some flower food but you couldn’t put that into the ‘water bag’ as it was all sellotaped up.

The flowers came presented in a pretty cardboard display vase but once you had removed the flowers from their water bag you had to put the flowers into a separate vase as the cardboard vase isn’t waterproof. I think it would be a lovely idea if they either made the cardboard vase watertight or maybe considered including a plastic insert that you could add water to so that the flower display could remain in the display vase.

The flowers were delivered in a huge cardboard box. The size of the box was much bigger than the bouquet so I do think that Flowercard could possibly have got away with sending them in a more compact box. It does look luxurious sending them in such a big box but it’s a shame you then just have to turn round and recycle all that cardboard. At least it is recyclable though as a lot of companies use too much plastic in their packaging. Not Flowercard though. Other than the cellophane and the ‘water’ bag it all seemed to be recyclable.

bouquet of flowers
Bouquet of flowers from Flowercard

I love the bright pink branding of the Flowercard box and cardboard vase.It looks very modern and fresh.

Mum liked the vibrant colours of the bouquet and my daughter loved playing in the big cardboard box the flowers came in. The box must have kept her occupied most of the evening!

My mum was very pleased with how easily the elastic band came off the stems of the bouquet as she didn’t have to fiddle around trying to remove it and catch her fingers on the rose thorns , like she sometimes does with other shop bought bouquets.

As this bouquet was sent to us for review we didn’t take full advantage of the personalised card option but if you were ordering these flowers for someone then you could specify what you would like them to print inside the card. This is a very useful option to have when you are sending these flowers for a special occasion such as Mother’s day or to celebrate a birthday, etc.

bouquet of flowers
Bouquet of flowers from Flowercard

The bouquet lasted about a week which isn’t quite as long as we’d expect from an expensive bouquet but all the same they certainly looked pretty on the windowsill while they were alive.

Flowercard offers a watertight guarantee which is that if the recipient of the flowers is not 100% happy then they will refund you your money in full without any hesitation.I think that’s great of them to have that guarantee for your peace of mind but I truly hope no-one has to take them up on their guarantee as when you order a bouquet for a special person you hate to think they’ll be disappointed. Plus as my mum has pointed out, if I had personally paid for a bouquet to be delivered to her and it turned out to be a disappointment she doesn’t thinks she would have the heart to tell me as she wouldn’t want to upset me. Therefore, we wouldn’t end up getting a refund as my Mum would just end up lying to me over the phone and telling me they were great …even if they weren’t.

I’m happy to say my Mum was pleased with these flowers though and as I have seen them for myself I too can say the flowers were nice. I’d have liked to have seen a few more blooms for the money and a bit less foliage but as we were sent these flowers free of charge we really can’t complain.  The bouquet did have the desired effect…..they let Mum know that both I and Flowercard wanted to say ‘Get Well Soon’.  🙂 ….and that after all is the most important thing. It’s the act of ordering the flowers to be delivered to someone that lets them know they are in your thoughts and they are special to you.

Logo courtesy of Flowercard

If you would like to view the full range of full bouquets, mini bouquets and unusual tiny floral arrangements displayed inside a card (a.k.a flowercards) available from Flowercard then please click here.

P.S – Thanks Flowercard for sending my Mum the flowers.

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