Review of Just Jaks Flapjack Kits – Healthy Flapjacks For Kids.

Flapjacks made with Just Jaks Flapjack Kit

If you have read my blog before then you’ll know that one of my best friends is also the resident ‘My Mummy Reviews Flapjack Tester’. She is a flapjack fiend and loves to try out all things oaty. When I saw ‘Just Jaks‘ on Twitter I just knew she would love to try out their flapjack kits. So I asked if they would be kind enough to consider sending me some…and do you know what, the lovely team said YES! Even better is the fact they sent her 3 different flapjack kits to road-test.

The kits she received were the Happy Holidays Flapjack Mix, Nuts About Berries Flapjack Mix and the Rocky Road Flapjack Mix. The kits all come presented in a letterbox friendly brown cardboard box and what is great about that is that you will not have to wait in for the postie to deliver your kit. It’ll fit through the letterbox and land straight on the mat and be there waiting for when you get home. I love parcels that fit through the letterbox!!!!

The other flapjack mixes that are available are Cherry Bakewell Flapjack Mix  and the Pick and Mix Flapjack Mix. I love the idea of the pick and mix kit as you can choose which 3 dried fruits or nuts you have in your final flapjack. This is great if your child only likes certain fruits, etc.

Once the kits were here I called my friend to come round so we could have a girly baking night. The Just Jaks website wasn’t live when I received these kits for review but it is now and you can visit it here.  On the Just Jaks Twitter page it says ‘Just add juice’ so I had bought apple juice in preparation for making the kits but I hadn’t realised we would need grated apple as well for the Nuts About Berries kit. Inside the kit it does say that you’ll require grated apple but I didn’t know that as I’d left the kits unopened so my friend could open them. Never mind, as we didn’t have an apple we took the executive decision to omit the ingredient and it didn’t make too much difference to the final product. We still ended up with a Nuts About Berries flapjack but I think if we had added the apple it would have made them a little bit sweeter and it would have made the flapjacks a bit more moist.

Now when you first go to make these flapjacks you will notice something very unusual….there is no added sugar or butter in them. I will admit when I approached Just Jaks to see if they’d let me review their products I hadn’t realised they were aimed at kids and were a healthy flapjack. I had automatically imagined them to be the usual sweet, buttery flapjacks that you get in all the shops. I have to be honest, I had quite a shock when we opened the box and read the ingredients!  My friend was not bothered in the slightest but I on the other hand had never imagined you could make flapjacks without butter, golden syrup or sugar. I just didn’t think the ingredients would stick together without those gooey binding and sweetening agents. Turns out I was wrong though! :o)

Just Jaks Flapjack Kit

These kits are extremely simple to make – all you have to do is empty the packet of Just Jaks oat mix into a bowl along with the bag of supplied dry fruit and / or nuts. On top of that you pour in your 150ml of juice (and add your apple, if needed) and then you mix like mad for a minute. I kindly let my friend do the mixing for all 3 kits! I’m sure quite sure that this will be one of the favourite parts of the baking for the kiddies who get these kits. 🙂

After the ingredients have all been mixed together you add them to one of your own baking tins  and then pop them in the oven for 16-20 minutes.  Once the time is up you end up with some lovely healthy flapjacks that you will be more than happy to let your child eat!

I love to encourage my young daughter to bake but when we buy those cake kits from the supermarkets I am always shocked by the sheer amount of sugar in them. At least you know by buying these Just Jaks kits for your child they not only get introduced to eating all sorts of healthy dried fruits such as mango, pineapple, coconut and cranberries but they also get the enjoyment of baking at home. Some of the kits also contain seeds such as pumpkin and linseed. As far as I’m aware these seeds contain omega 3 so it’s great that you’re child will be eating them in some of the flapjack kits. It’s best to start your kids eating healthily while they are still young because if not they’ll end up like me when they are older …with a sweet tooth!

The kits make healthy flapjacks that are perfect for kids!! I have a sweet tooth so they are not quite my usual kind of flapjack but my friend liked them and so did my daughter. My friend loved the Happy Holidays one as she said it tasted very fruity. She really enjoyed road-testing that kit the best whereas I liked the Rocky Road ones as I love pecans and chocolate.

The Just Jaks website gives you all the information you need to know about the kits and you will even find some fun activities to do such as a recipe and instructions on how to bake ‘Herman the friendship cake‘.

I love that on the Just Jaks website they give you full nutritional information and ingredients for the flapjacks. This is great for parents to be able to see what calories their kiddies are consuming when they eat the flapjacks. The website is bright and appealing plus it is kept up to date with new blog content.

Just Jaks Flapjack Kit

These Just Jaks flapjack kits are £4.99 each with free delivery. Now I am a renowned for being rather frugal with my money so therefore I do think that close to a fiver is more money than I could personally warrant spending on a regular basis for these kits, however…. if I was looking for a treat to make with my daughter, something to keep her entertained for a little while during the holidays or as a nutritional and fun birthday gift then I WOULD definitely pay the £4.99! 🙂

I think it’s great that Just Jaks are all about making baking fun and encouraging kids to get cooking. They are a lovely, friendly team and you can read all about how the business came about by clicking here. If you’d like to pop by and say hi to them you can do so on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

If you like the look of the flapjack kits you can order one for yourself here on the Just Jaks website.

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