Review of Dishmatic…the sponge scourer on a fillable handle.

Dishmatic refillable handle with sponge scourer head

My Mum is always keen to test out new products that come on to the market and so she was really pleased when she was sent a nifty new kitchen sponge on a handle to review. It’s called the ‘Dishmatic’ and it’s a clever little device that comprises a hollow handle and sponge scourer head.  The idea is that you fill the handle with washing up  liquid and it dispenses the washing liquid as you clean. It’s a simple idea and one I think we all wish we’d come up with! :o) 

‘Dishmatic’ is not only cheap to buy but by far the best thing has to be the fact that it is made from a percentage of recycled components. The handles are made from 40% and the refills from 61% recycled material.

My Mum and I always try our best to be ‘Eco-Friendly’ but sometimes it cam work out good for the environment but really not so good on the purse strings. Luckily with the Dishmatic only costing £3.95 for a starter kit that comprises a refillable handle, 3 x Heavy Duty replacement heads and 3 x Non Scratch Replacement heads….you really can’t go too wrong!

I haven’t personally tried out the product but my Mum has and she likes the idea. She doesn’t use it all that regularly as she does have a dishwasher but when she needs to scrub saucepans and lasagne dishes, etc she has certainly used the Dishmatic in her fight to scrub off the baked on grease. 

Another thing I love about the idea of the Dishmatic is that if you don’t have a Dishwasher and thus have to handwash every single dish each day. (Like me)… you certainly soon discover than hot soapy water can really hurt sensitive hands. Well, when you are using the Dishmatic you don’t need to put your hands in the water so much …which can really improve the arduos task of washing the dishes.  Just talking about this brush has made me realise I might have to nick it out of my mum’s cleaning cupboard tonight, when she’s not looking!


The Dishmatic brand has evolved over time so that you can now use the same fillable handle with 5 different types of ‘Dishmatic’ cleaning sponge. The sponges that you can buy to fit on the head are as follows:-   

  • White (Non Scratch), for non stick pans and sensitive surfaces
  • Green (Heavy Duty), for everyday use
  • Black (Extra Heavy Duty), for use on stubborn grime and grease
  • Micro Soft
  • Steel Scourer

I love that they have made it possible for you to buy the handle and then just replace the sponge heads when needed. A lot of companies might have made you buy a new type of handle with each different sponge head but as Dishmatic are eco-conscious they know that it’s much better for us, the consumers and the environment if we can just have the one handle and a choice of sponge heads to use with it.

I can imagine these Dishmatic sponges are also very handy for people with dexterity problems as once you have filled the handle up you don’t need to keep squeezing out the washing liquid from the bottle. Plus….what a great idea to take a Dishmatic brush with you when you go to your Summer music festivals or on your camping or caravan holidays. It’ll mean you have less to carry over to the wash basin when you go to clean up that morning’s breakfast bowls. 

Dishmatic Replacement Heads

You can buy Dishmatic in all those well known Home stores such as Tesco, Asda, Homebase and Morrisons. The full list of Stockists can be found here.
If you would like to buy yourself a Dishmatic brush then please visit their website

You might also like to keep up to date with their latest news by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Dishmatic logo


Dishmatic is made by ‘Easy Do products’ and they specialise in the EasyDo specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of household cleaning items. Their slogan is ‘making life easier’ and I certainly agree! :o) You can read more about them here.

Another brand they make are the ‘Ecoforce’ range of products and you can read that review very soon as I’ll be publishing it later on today. They sent my mum lots of eco clothes and things to test out.

*All photos are courtesy of Dishmatic.

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  1. sonja wohlwender

    I would like to know where you stock these in Sydney Australia, Coles used to stock them but they don’t sell them anymore, Coles are selling something else which is useless


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