Review of EcoForce Products (Washing Line, Pegs, Cleaning Cloths, etc)

Now if you have read my blog before you will know that we do strive, wherever possible, to be eco-friendly. So you can imagine how pleased we were when quite a while back now we were given the chance to review a selection of EcoForce products.

We received one pack of nearly every product in their range. So that means we received the following things :-

  • Recycled peg basket with pegs
  • Heavy duty recycled kitchen scourer pads
  • Non scratch recycled kitchen scourer pads
  • A pack of recycled clothes pegs
  • A pack of recycled bag grips
  • Super absorbent recycled quilted multipurpose cloths
  • Super absorbent heavy duty sponge scourers
  • Recycled dusters
  • Recycled clothes line

EcoForce is a brand that I had seen on the supermarket shelves but I had never actually bought anything made by them. To be absolutely honest, the only reason I hadn’t bought them is that they do cost more money than the ‘cheap’ 30p cleaning cloths and scourers I normally buy and up until reading all the environmental information on their website I wasn’t sure it was worth spending the extra money. In my heart I knew that it was better for the planet if I bought them but when you are having to spend the money you do tend to think about your budget more than you’d like to.

I have been sitting here this evening reading through the EcoForce website and they do have some very compelling reasons as to why we should spend the extra money and buy their recycled products. For example, did you know that according to a 2001 Environment Agency report 80% of post consumer plastic waste is sent to landfill. That is a shocking fact to read!



My mum tried out all the products for me (except for the clothes line) and she thought they were all great. She told me she would definitely consider buying the products in the future. She loved the pegs, uses the bag grips a lot and found the scourers and cloths were great for cleaning. The pegs are a bargain at just £1.28 for a pack of 24, the peg basket and pegs is just £2.29 and the cloths and scourers are equally as affordable. You can see all the prices on the NaturalGrocery website.

I put the EcoForce Washing line up in the garden of my old house and thought it was really good. It did the job perfectly and held up all my freshly washed clothes to dry. You get a lot of clothes line for your money! It is just £1.99 for this 20m length of recycled clothes line from

If you would like to purchase any Ecoforce products please visit this link to visit NaturalGrocery who currently stock the EcoForce products that the EcoForce press team sent to me.

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