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Ladybird Treasured Tales – Free with codes from McCain Smiles

I was contacted by one of my lovely PR friends about the opportunity to ask a question about teaching my child to read to Abigail from The National Literacy Trust. The reason being that The National Literacy Trust have teamed up with McCain to produce a short video about the benefits of reading with your children and they wanted input from Mums.

The question I chose to ask was ‘What is the ideal age to start to teach my daughter to read?’ If you would like to know Abigail’s answer please watch the video. She gives a very informative and knowledgeable answer.

Now this will probably sound really silly but I felt so ‘listened to’ when I received the link to the final video and Abigail spoke directly to me in answer to my question. Not everyone has the opportunity to have their questions answered by someone who knows exactly what they are talking about, so I feel very privileged to have had a chance. Thank you McCain for featuring my question in your video :o)

If you were wondering why McCain of chips fame were making a video in conjunction with The National Literacy Trust it is because this summer McCains are running a fantastic campaign. They are giving away gorgeous Ladybird Treasured Tales reading books when you collect codes from inside packets of McCain Smiles. They books look really child-friendly and I love the new square shape of the book instead of the usual rectangle shape.

McCain Smiles are fluffy mashed potato that are shaped into happy faces and lightly prepared with sunflower oil for a tasty crunch. You will find them in the freezer cabinets in your local supermarket. I’ve never actually tried them before but I bet my daughter would love them. We buy other Mccain products but I’ve just never got round to buying them before. Will do now though! :o)

McCain Smiles, frozen mashed potato shapes

Promotional pack of McCain Smiles

There are 6 books to collect and you need 2 codes to claim each book. The special promotional packs of Smiles will be available in-store for approximately 12 weeks after the start date of the campaign which was 18th June, subject to availability. So as today is the 20th July you have under 2 months left to buy the special packs. You might be able to find some of the special packs after this date but best not to rely on it and if you think you will be wanting to collect all 6 available books, you might like to consider stocking up your freezer! :o)

You have lots of time to submit your codes online to claim your books, until the 31st August 2013 to be precise, but do bear in mind that once a book title goes out of stock they will not be getting in any more.

The Ladybird book titles you can choose from are :-

  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Goldilocks And the Three Bears
  • Jack And The Beanstalk
  • The Gingerbread Man
  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Cinderella
ladybird books, ladybird treasured tales,

Photo of The Three Bears taken from McCain website.

It is delightful to see the stories they are promoting are the good old fashioned favourites that we all know and love. Another generation of children will now learn to read these stories and I’m sure they will all love them as much as I did and my parents before me.

One of the things I love about this book offer that McCain are running is that they are not charging you P+P! To me that is fab! A lot of the times when I see these ‘code’ or ‘token’ offers the one thing that puts me off participating is the P+P charges but as McCain are not going to charge me to send the books…there is nothing to stand in my way this time.

If you want to read the FAQ / terms & conditions of the offer please click here and here.

There is some great reading advice from Words Of Life on the McCain Smiles website. I agree with all the points but especially the one about visiting the library. I registered my daughter for a library card when she was really little and since then we always go to the library together to pick out books and it is so much fun. She loves having all those books to choose from and then she really enjoys ‘checking them out’ at the machine. She has lots of her own books at home but you she still loves going to the library…just like her mummy!

To visit the McCain ‘Smiles Free Book’ website please click here.

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