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Globe Vice Kid's Skate Shoes

These Globe Vice kid’s skate shoes were sent to me by

I recently received an offer of reviewing some kid’s globe skate shoes from the company I made contact with the company through their Twitter page and spoke to them on the phone a couple of times and they were all a very friendly and helpful team.

The shoes they sent me to review were the Globe Vice Kid’s skate shoes. They were black and white in colour which made them quite unisex and the thing I loved most about them were the fact they fasten with velcro. This makes life so simple for your child!

The shoes have a firm sole, just like you would expect from a skate shoe style of shoe. They are very fashionable in design and they look to be very well made. You are getting a quality shoe for your money when you choose Globe kid’s shoes.

surfwear company logo

Logo for Urban Surfer

The Vice shoes that were sent to me were too small for my daughter but the perfect size for my niece to grow into. I gave the shoes to my brother so that his daughter can wear them in the future when her feet have grown a bit. He was delighted with the shoes as he loves all the skate and surf scene kind of gear and these shoes fit perfectly into that kind of image.

The Globe Vice children’s shoes are not currently listed on the urbansurfer website as I was just sent a sample review pair from their press office. However you will find plenty of other Globe kiddies shoes on their site, which is one of the UK’s largest online retailers of skate, surf, ski and urban clothing for adults and kids.

I have looked through their site and picked 3 of my favourite styles of kid’s Globe shoes for you to look at.

Globe Fusion Kid's Shoes

These are Globe Fusion kid’s skate Shoes from

These cool black and white kid’s skate shoes are called ‘Globe Fusion’ and they have S-Trac grip which will help your child grip onto their skateboard if they wear them skating. They also have traction lugs that are designed for maximum shock absorption which certainly sounds useful when you are wearing them jumping around on a skateboard. Click here to read more about these shoes and buy a pair. They are £34.00 with Free Delivery.

Globe Superfly Kid's Shoes

These are Globe Superfly kid’s skate shoes from


These vibrant green lace up hi-top kid’s skate shoes are called ‘Globe Superfly‘ and cost £36.00 which includes the delivery. They have a velcro top strap which gives added ankle support when worn skating. These are also available in a blue design.


kid's velcro skate shoes

Globe Superfly kid’s velcro skate shoes from

Urban Surfer even sells an infant’s version of the Globe Superfly for £27.00 (including delivery) that has velcro to fasten them rather than laces. These would certainly make a change from the usual style of kiddie shoes and the velcro is going to make them easy to put on your little one’s feet. Like I mentioned earlier, you can’t beat velcro shoes for kids!

Globe Encore Kid's Skate Shoes

These are Globe Encore kid’s skate shoes from

The final pair I have picked from their site are the kid’s Globe Encore skate shoe. They are £32.00 with delivery included. Encore are available in lots of different colours and the ones I have featured in the above photo are a cobalt blue/ white colour and would be perfect for both boys and girls. These are a classically designed skate shoe that any kid will be pleased to wear. Even I wouldn’t mind a pair of these as they look very comfy! I also love the new black and lime Globe Encore shoes they have just uploaded to the site as I’m a big fan of lime green. Click the link and take a look at how lovely they are.

I was also sent for review purposes a drinks can cooler and some ‘Globe’ stickers. The drinks can cooler is not listed on their site as it was a reviewers treat. I gave it to my dad and he loved it. It’s a green colour and he’s going to take it fishing with him as it matches his fishing things really well. If you are looking to buy some gifts for men then Urban Surfer sell lots of other items that would be ideal.

The stickers are listed on the site and you can buy them here. For £3 you get a mixed pack of 20 ‘branded’ stickers. Great for covering school folders or pencil tins when the kid’s go back to school in September.You could probably also use them on skateboards as well but I’m not 100% sure about that as I don’t have a skateboard to try them on.

Globe Logo

Globe Logo

Urban Surfer not only sell skate shoes for kids but they sell urban style clothing and accessories too. They also have a massive range of surf and skate wear for men and women plus loads of footwear and gifts. You can visit their site here to have a browse through their site.

What I love most about the site has to be the fact they offer free delivery (on most items) and they have a 30 day return policy. You’ll also love to read through all their positive feedback/reviews on the Trustpilot website.

You can keep up to date with Urban Surfer’s latest news and offers by reading their blog or by following them on Twitter and Facebook.

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