Spineless Classics – Full Text Novel Posters. The Perfect Gift for Literary Lovers

Alice In Wonderland Poster

Spineless Classics – Full text novel posters – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Photo courtesy of Will and Glory

I’ve just found a website called Will and Glory. It is an online British designer homeware, gift and accessory store and whilst I was browsing their site I saw these beautiful posters. I just had to share a photo of them with you as I think you’d love them…like I do.

The posters are made by a British company called Spineless Classics and as the name suggests the posters are classic novels printed onto a poster but basically without the spine… or the pages for that matter.

The posters are printed on heavyweight, satin finish paper in light fast ink and the size and price of the posters varies between novels. The prints come unframed but it does say that they should fit in standard poster ((1000x700mm) or half-poster ((500x700mm) size frames that you can buy from the Internet or in the shops.

I’ve not seen these works of art up close but when I saw them on the website I just had to blog about them as they would make a fantastically thoughtful gift for any book lover. Some of the posters such as Romeo and Juliet or Pride and Prejudice would also make lovely wedding or engagement presents.

The Secret Garden Poster

Spineless Classics – Full text novel posters – The Secret Garden. Photo courtesy of Will and Glory

Now I am not really one to read classic novels but if I had a poster such as The Secret Garden or Alice In Wonderland on my wall I would be seriously tempted. Well actually, I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself reading it as it’d bug me if I didn’t!

Each poster contains the entire text from a classic novel and it is printed in a font which is roughly 4 point. If you have 20/20 vision you should be able to read this without any magnification but if not then some magnifying glasses should help you.

The Spineless Classics posters available from the Will and Glory website are:as follows-

You can follow Will and Glory on twitter and on facebook plus if you sign up to their e-newsletter you will get 10% off your basket total on your first order.

* Please note this is not a review nor a sponsored post. It’s just me blogging about something I liked the look of on the Internet.

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