Do you keep chickens? You need an egg roller!

egg roller for fresh eggs

           Egg Roller by Jamm Products

An egg roller, What’s that? I hear you say. Well, this sponsored post is all about the unique egg storage device designed by Marc Ward.

Marc Ward keeps chickens and the egg roller was inspired them!  It is basically a bit like a ramp for eggs. The idea behind it is that you put the oldest eggs at the front and then each day you put the fresh ones behind these. Once you remove an egg from the egg roller the next freshest one will roll down to the front of the slope waiting to be used next time.

This product is bound to be useful to you if you keep chickens as I’m sure it must be a struggle to remember which ones are the freshest eggs. You can also use this to store your shop bought or farm bought eggs. You would just load the egg roller up with your carton of eggs and then the next time you buy some more eggs you would fill the egg roller back up again, remembering to start at the back.

egg roller for eggs

            Egg Roller by Jamm Products

The egg roller is available in Deep Black or Ivory White and you can store the eggs on it either in the fridge or on the worktop.

I am delighted that Marc has made sure the egg roller is manufactured in the UK and what is even better is that he has made them using recycled plastics.

logo for Jamm products

The egg roller has an RRP of £5.95 and it is available from received one for the purposes of this sponsored post and I am going to give it to one of my mum’s friends who keeps her own chickens.

On the Jamm website they say that the egg roller can help “keep eggs fresher for longer“. They say this is because of the rotation of the eggs. They have an eggselent fact for you … (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!) – The egg yolk is less dense than the white. When stored in one position the yolk rise’s – eventually sticking to the membrane inside the shell. This can shorten their shelf life.

You can follow Jamm on Twitter to hear about their latest news and offers.

Cornwall based Marc also invented an innovative safety door stop called the ‘Jamm Door Stop‘ that helps stop little fingers getting caught in door hinges. You can read my sponsored post about that here.

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