Jamm Door Stop – To stop little fingers getting trapped in door hinges!

door stop to stop kids catching their fingers

Jamm Door Stop In Action!

Today’s sponsored post is one that you will be very keen to read if you have a baby or toddler and are trying to childproof your home. It is all about the innovative safety product…the Jamm Door Stop.

The Jamm Door Stop was invented in 2011 by Dadpreneur Marc Ward after his 3 year old son Oscar got his fingers trapped in the door at home. After this incident he thought that there must be a way he could stop this happening to his child and other people’s kids again.  So he took the humble door stop and set about it redesigning it with added improvements so it could become a way of making a door child-safe. His main aim was always to make a door stop that would help to protect little fingers, as he knew all too well how dangerous doors could be.  After putting in a lot of time and effort Marc finally had a new door stop to be proud of.

In an interview with website ‘This Is Cornwall’ Marc said “I wouldn’t call myself an inventor, I’m more of a problem solver. If you show me a problem I will find a solution for it.”.

I was kindly sent Marc’s door safety solution, the Jamm door stop for the purposes of this sponsored post / review and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to you.

safety door stop

Jamm Door Stops are available in 5 vibrant colours.

Here’s what I love about it…

  • The best bit about it has to be the fact that it actually works! More often than not you find after you have purchased something that it doesn’t actually do what it was supposed to. But you will not have this problem with the Jamm door stop. It does what it should.  The Jamm door stop has a curved surface that holds both sides of the door as well as gripping to the floor so it doesn’t move. After you have wedged the door stop under the door you will find the door will not move an inch, not even a tiny bit. This means your toddler cannot trap their fingers in the hinge of the door. (It is worth noting that the door stop cannot be used on a closed door. So in other words you can’t use this door stop to prevent a door from being opened, only to stop a door being shut)
  • The designer has made my day by not only deciding to make the Jamm door stop here in the UK but he is also making it from recycled plastics. So your Jamm door stop is GREEN! Well, actually it is either Pacific blue, Dusk blue, Dark grey, Cerise pink or Honey beige. You know what I mean though… eco-friendly. :o)
  • It is affordably priced at only £4.95 per door stop but if you buy them from their latest stockist, the household name that is ASDA…you can buy a twin pack of Jamm door stops in either slate Grey or Honey Beige for just £8.95. If however you want to fit out the whole house with Jamm Door Stops you can buy 4 or more from the Jamm products website and get free recorded delivery.
door stop for kid's safety

Jamm Door Stop

The Jamm door stop makes it impossible to shut the door, believe me…I’ve tried! This means no little fingers will be getting trapped in a door that is being held open with a Jamm door stop. I currently have the Jamm door stop on my lounge door and to be honest I rarely bother removing it as it is nice to just have the door stay open and then the potential for my daughter to slam the door shut is just not there.

Marc describes the  it as  ‘The World’s Best Door Stop‘. Take a look at this video and see what you think:-

The Jamm door stop is also useful for pet owners. The door stop gives you peace of mind that the doors you have left open when you are out at work will not shut if the dog or cat knocks them because the Jamm is in place. This means the cat can get to the cat flap and the dog can go and get cosy in the dog bed.

Another good thing about the Jamm is that it is very portable so you could easily take it on holiday with you to use on doors in the hotel / villa etc. I know when you go on holiday to hotter climates it is necessary to sometimes leave doors ajar to get some fresh air into the room but it only takes a gust of wind and that door could slam shut on your child’s fingers. If you take a Jamm door stop with you to use on those doors then that will not happen.

You can follow Jamm on Twitter and if you have a moment it would be lovely if you could pop over and congratulate them as today they have found out their door stop has been shortlisted for the Kind und Jugend innovation awards 2012! I have my fingers crossed that they will be finalists. :o)

The lady behind the twitter account is Marc’s wife Coralie and she is ever so friendly and more than willing to answer any questions you may have about the product.

logo for Jamm

Marc also has another product which he has invented and it is called ‘The Egg Roller’. I know you are intrigued so you’ll have to click here to read the sponsored post all about it. :o)

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