Review of Merci Maman Personalised Polka Dot Bias Charm Bracelet and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Personalised Bracelet from Merci Maman

Hi everyone, I hope you like the photo of my personalised bracelet at the top of this post. I think it is so pretty! It was very kindly sent to me as a gift by Merci Maman Personalised Gifts.

Merci Maman was founded in 2007 by Beatrice De Montille. She is a French mother of 4 who wanted to start an online personalised gift boutique here in the UK. She wanted to make her online shop a place where people could easily order personalised gifts for their loved ones. All of the products she sells are hand-engraved or embroidered in their London studio. All of the jewellery and gifts that you find in the Merci Maman store would be perfect as Christmas Gifts, Birthday Gifts or for special occasions such as Mother’s or Father’s day.

Clémence at Merci Maman had seen from my blog that I love Polka Dots and she thought I would appreciate this beautiful spotty personalised charm bracelet from their site and she was not wrong, I adore it!  Or should I say, Je l’adore! :o) The bracelet is just so me.

personalsied polka dot charm bracelet

Dotty Bias Personalised Charm Bracelets from Merci Maman

The personalised bracelet came beautifully presented in a bright orange box with Merci Maman branding. The packaging made the gift so much more special than if it had just been in a plastic bag or plain box. It was so nice to know that Clémence actually hand-picked the gift for me. Thank you so much Clemence and Merci Maman!

My personalised charm is threaded onto some fun grey polka dot print bias binding and you then tie this around your wrist. I have never seen a bias binding bracelet before and I love it as it is not too serious. It’s fun and modern. It’s my kind of jewellery. Fuchsia bias is also available but I went for grey as I though it looked sophisticated and grown-up. Not that I’m either of these things! :o)

Merci Maman personalised charm bracelet

Personalised ‘Dotty Bias’ charm bracelet from Merci Maman

I chose to have my name etched into a star shaped silver plated charm but there are lots of other options available. Each charm varies in size but all of the charm measurements can be found here.

The charms you can choose from are as follows:-

  • Sterling Silver Plate
  • Sterling Silver Heart
  • Sterling Silver Disc
  • Sterling Silver Girl
  • Sterling Silver Boy
  • Sterling Silver Cross
  • Sterling Silver Clover
  • Sterling Silver Star
  • Gold Plated Heart
  • Gold Plated Disc
  • Gold Plated Girl
  • Gold Plated Boy
  • Gold Plated Cross
  • Gold Plated Clover
  • Gold Plated Star

I couldn’t make my mind up between the heart or the star but in the end I made my decision and I went for the star charm. My name is only short (‘Kim’) so it fitted really well on the star charm. My name was hand engraved on both sides of the charm and it was done in a very fluid handwriting script, exactly the same as the Merci Maman logo. I like the handwritten nature of the engraving. It adds to the charm of the charm bracelet! :o)  You can have up to 30 letters engraved on each side of the charm. So you can have something different engraved on the front and the back, maybe a name or names on the front and a special date on the back.

personalised gifts from Merci Maman

Beautifully packaged gift from Merci Maman

Merci Maman sell a wide range of personalised gifts for men and ladies. There is something for everyone. If you are looking for personalised charm bracelets and gifts then Merci Maman would be a fantastic site to visit. They also sell personalised bibs, personalised health book covers (which would make a fantastic new baby gift) and much more besides. Merci Maman don’t just sell personalised jewellery. They sell all sorts of unique items that make thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

Merci Maman can be found on twitter and facebook and they would love it if you could pop over and say ‘Hi’ to them.  You can also subscribe to their newsletter (box at the bottom right hand corner on their home page) to find out about their latest offers and news.

 Merci Maman womens personalised charm bracelet liberty bias

Merci Maman Personalised Liberty Print Bias Charm Bracelet

I absolutely love my polka dot bracelet and if you are jealous then don’t be! You too can be in with a chance of owning one as Merci Maman have kindly offered one polka dot bias bracelet or a Liberty print bias bracelet (as seen above) as a giveaway prize to a lucky ‘My Mummy Reviews’ visitor. The bracelet will have a personalised charm of your choice threaded onto it.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post saying ‘What you love most about the Summertime’.  I’ll start you off…I love going to the beach!

The competition is open until midnight 17th September 2012 and to enter you have to be a UK resident. There is only one entry allowed per person. The winner will be selected at random. I will number each entry and then use the random number generator to pick the winner. Please make sure to supply your email address when you leave the comment on the blog because if not we can’t contact you to let you know you have won :o(  Once the winner has been chosen I will pass on the winner’s email address to Merci Maman so they can contact the winner to find out the choice of bracelet and charm, personalisation required and delivery address. Please note that I accept no responsibility for delivery of the prize – this is down to Merci Maman for whom I am running the giveaway.


* I have not been paid to host this competition but I did receive a rather gorgeous bracelet to review for this review post.


Winner of Merci Maman Bracelet is comment number 95

The winner has been chosen at random using a random number generator and the winner is the person who wrote comment no 95 – Sarah Redfern. I will be passing on your details to Merci Maman Sarah so that you can tell them which of  the bracelets you’d like. Well done on winning! :o)

138 thoughts on “Review of Merci Maman Personalised Polka Dot Bias Charm Bracelet and a GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Ria

    Hmmm what do I love most about summer? Taking some time off work, sitting in the garden with the sun beaming down on me, listening to the kids playing/laughing in the paddling pool with the smell of a delicious BBQ on the go.

  2. fiona Quinn

    I love summertime for warm weather, ice-cream and barbecues in the garden. I love it for the feeling of sunshine on my face, watching the seeds I have sown grow and flower and the children soaking their feet in the paddling pool. I love the lazy weekends, beautiful sunsets, laughter and friends over for tea. These are my favourite bits of summer.

  3. kerry Locke

    The UK festival season – its the best in the world – You can’t beat lazy summer days listening to great bands sipping ice cold cider with your friends!!

  4. tracy nixon

    I love having the kids off school for 6 weeks (though I do look forward to them going back lol!) It means mornings aren’t rushed and no panicing to get uniforms washed and ironed either. We have loads of days out and the fresh air seems to make my kids lie in longer! I love the Summer – though all the Seasons have something special about them!

  5. Christina Marriott (@chrissy4116)

    We’ve loved going to the beach at Southport so far!!! Being a teacher I love the summertime as its my time to relax and unwind and now its to spend time with my 9 month old daughter 🙂

  6. Freyer James

    What I most like about summer is the lighter evenings, it makes such a change to have daylight and hopefully sunshine in the evening. The nights are slowing starting to draw in and before we know it, we will need to put the lights on at 4pm! next stop is putting the central heating back on!

  7. adele leek

    We have quite a big garden – I love to be out there, digging mowing etc.
    This year we have planted some potatoes. I have a row and my two children have a row and every day they see whose row of spuds are the best.
    At the moment my sons are doing really well – so he’s being a typical boy and saying ” its because I am so good, that’s why there doing really well”
    Also having BBQs are great while the weather is good!!

  8. Steph Jones

    The light! Waking up in the light, going to work in the light, having a lunch break in the light (sometimes sun!…), coming home in the light. Life is brighter and lighter in the summer!

  9. Jenny

    All the windows in the house open, with a nice summer breeze drifting through the house. The smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of children playing outside (instead of on their Play Station!)

  10. Naomi K

    I love that I can sleep in! Although I also love being able to go outside without trembling from the cold (on the off days that the ‘summer sun’ actually appears!).

  11. Val swift

    I love eating outside and picnics with the kids followed by warm, lighter evenings drinking and chatting in the garden with friends and family

  12. Donna Lawton

    I’m going to sound so sad now but quite simply I like the fact I can get my washing done, dried and ironed all in one

    I also love the way the sun lifts my spirits. 🙂 x

  13. Deborah Munn

    Spending holiday with my hubby and two teenager daughters. As I understand they will soon won’t be around having better things to do. 🙂

  14. Sarah

    I look forward to having my little sister home from school for a few weeks so I have an excuse to watch kids movies at the cinema!

  15. Emma Cella

    Not having to wear coats and hats and jackets!
    The holidaayss!
    The lovely warm weather!
    The beacch


    I adore those small, snatches of warm weather when I can close my eyes and pretend I am somewhere exotic!

  17. Nicola McNeil

    Can I say everything? Sun (when it comes), lazy mornings, BBQ’s, the beach, no jackets, holidays with the family……. I could go on!

  18. Ellie Porter

    What I love most about summer is sitting in the garden in the evening having a barbecue with our neighbours!

  19. Barbara daniels

    What I really love about summer is picnics, hot weather and spending time with my kids in the summer holidays.

  20. Laura Farnworth

    I love the light, as I get a bit down in the darker months. I love the summer holidays with my boys ( no school run …..Yay) and wearing flip flops all day!

  21. Sue

    I really love the summer holidays. I love having my kids home every day and being able to go out and do things with them. Even if the weather’s bad (which is quite often!) I love just relaxing at home with them. It makes such a nice change to the usual rushed school mornings.

  22. Lynda Raphael

    I love the Summer because I can leave the back door open all day and the dog can sunbath on the grass whilst I read my book

  23. Tina Mansfield

    Thanks for a lovely prize these braclets look great, I have loved this summer spending time with my son, I spent so much time with him when he was small its nice to have him to myself and have fun and games over the summer. Its back to school now, so looking forward to next year!!

  24. Caroline Hammond

    I love being able to take my children out to places and seeing them enjoying themselves. It’s also great because they tend to tire themselves out more :o)

  25. Susan Brown

    I love not worrying about having to get up for school in the mornings – having pyjama days without feeling it’s time wasted, spending time with whole family together and random days out.

  26. Isabel O'Brien

    I love that it stays light until late and you can sit having a glass of wine and some food outside and still be warm. I will miss the sunshine that’s for sure. 🙁

  27. Sarah Redfern

    The best thing for me is that we don’t have to be stuck in the house or indoor playcentres all the time, we can be outdoors walking in the fresh air in the sunshine x

  28. Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    I love that my eldest son and eldest daughter share a birthday in the summer! I have four children, and my son Jordan 11 and my daughter Roxanna 5 share a birthday!

    Its always fun every year trying to pick a theme they will both enjoy! This year it was Spongebob! Luckily it was a beautiful gorgeous day and they really enjoyed themselves! 🙂 x I love this giveaway, the grey is absolutely beautiful, and I know what you mean about it looking grown up! ;-D lol

  29. Gary Topley

    I love the warm weather when we get it in the Summertime and this year especially have loved our summer of Sports. All our athletes have done our country proud too.

  30. Melissa Gazi

    I love being able to laze around without getting cold in my garden and read a good book on my hammock 🙂

    Oh and I love barbeques!

  31. leonie gray

    I love the long days and nights, being able to spend lovely days outside with the kids then once they have gone to bed, sit in the garden with my husband to relax

  32. Sarah Ballantyne

    I have recently become a stay at home mum and I just love how easy it is to have fun with the kids over the summer. We don’t have to find somewhere indoors, pack waterproofs/umbrella/wellies/changes of clothes or wear loads of layers to keep warm. We just grab some sunscreen and head out to the park or beach or garden and spend the day running around together.

  33. esme mccrubb

    i love that my little boy arrived this summer so from now on we get to celebrate his birthday, hopefully in the sunshine 🙂

  34. Dianne Brewin

    I love being able to sit outside in my back garden talking to my husband about the lovely day we have just had with our children whilst sipping a nice cool glass of wine!!!


    I love being able to dry my clothes outside and have my windows open to have the fresh air blowing through my house.

  36. Lesley Bain

    My favourite thing about the summer is having the children home all day. We can just up and go, having lovely spur of the moment outings and not working to a strict routine as we need to do all the rest of the year.

  37. Gemma Clark

    Has to be getting my summer wardrobe out and buying brightly coloured clothes :), the warm weather and people smiling, well the sun makes me smile 😀 and BBQ’s

  38. Emma Baker

    Getting the chance to strip down into short and t-shirt, enjoy ice-cold ice cream and slow walks in the warm evening night <—lush!

  39. Shelley Jessup

    As I can’t often venture very far from my house my garden is very important to me & that’s what I enjoy the most at the summertime. We eat out there, read out there, entertain In the garden, I just love it!


    I love being able to sit out in the garden in the evenings with a cold drink and my husband cooking on the barbecue.

  41. Teresa Measures

    I love watching my kids have fun at the beach, that’s the most bestest thing about summer not having a care in the world just enjoyment!

  42. Hayley Todd

    What I love most about the summer holidays are spending the summer holidays enjoying every minute of my children. Making the most of the long lazy days by going on picnics, going to the beach, playing in the park and walks in the wood. We build dens in the garden and camp under the stars!

  43. ClairejB

    In Summer I love….picnics on the beach and feeling sand between my toes, walks through summer meadows, family BBQs, meandering through the park and watching the stars on mild evenings.

  44. Ruth Wollerton

    I love everything about summer – the feel of the sun on your face, chilled glasses of wine with friends enjoying the sun in the early evening sun, camping in the outdoors with the children, sunbathing, building sandcastles at the beach and paddling in the water with the children. I love summer and wish it could be summer all year


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