Review of Oak Smoked Garlic, Garlic Mayonnaise and Onion Marmalade with Garlic from The Garlic Farm

Baked camembert picture using red onion and smoked garlic

I bet your mouth is watering looking at this photo of the picnic style lunch I made using oak smoked garlic from The Garlic Farm. It is a yummy baked Camembert with red onion and oak smoked garlic and it tasted delicious! I made the recipe up as I went along but it is very simple.

I used ready-rolled puff pastry, a Camembert cheese, a few chopped cloves of smoked garlic, a red onion, dash of olive oil, some fresh grated nutmeg and some seasoning. The smoked garlic was sent to me for review from The Garlic Farm. It costs £2.00 for a large bulb of smoked garlic or £1.50 for a medium sized bulb.

You can also buy plaits and grappes of this oak smoked garlic but they are currently out of stock and they suggested phoning for a stock update.I’m not surprised they have all gone! They must make your kitchen smell delicious when they are hanging up in a corner of the room.

garlic and onion marmalade chutney

I was also sent a scrummy jar of Onion Marmalade with Garlic and a jar of delicious Garlic Mayonnaise. The jars looks ever so posh so would be ideal to add to any hampers you make as Christmas gifts this year.  The garlic mayonnaise is £3.40 for a 255g jar and the red onion marmalade is £3.50 for a 290g jar.

The red onion marmalade is very luxurious and perfect for having with cheese and crackers. It can also be added to a sandwich filling to add some sweetness or you might like to use it to as a glaze for meat. I bet this would be nice used in the cooking of some duck fillets, I have some on the freezer so I’ll have to give it a go.

The Garlic Farm Garlic Mayonnaise

The Garlic Mayonnaise has a really garlicky flavour and is perfect to eat with chips, pizza on burgers,etc. It has a lovely smooth texture and you will find so many uses for it. It would make a great salad dressing!

The Garlic farm is a new company to me and I only found them a few months ago on twitter. When I saw all the fantastic products on their site I just had to contact them to see if I could be a willing reviewer. Thank you Garlic Farm so saying yes! :o)

They are based in the Isle Of Wight and they have been growing garlic for over 30 years and are now the UK’s largest specialist garlic growers. They have the most wonderful website which is packed full of useful information about garlic plus lots of yummy treats to buy and an abundance of beautifully taken photos.

Here is a video about The Garlic Farm. You should really watch it as it shows just how passionate they are about garlic at The Garlic Farm. They certainly know their ‘garlic’ stuff!

They stock far too many products to try and mention in one blog post but here are 3 garlicky products that I love the sound of:-

  • Garlic Beer Gift Set! Garlic Beer, who knew such a thing ever existed. They suggest that it tastes lovely in a steak and ale pie and I bet they are right. Yum! :o)

 the garlic farm garlic beer, garlic and chive cheese, garlic butter

I urge you to go and visit The Garlic Farm website as it is such a lovely spot on the web to go and spend some time but if you actually live near the Isle Of Wight then you might like to know you can go and visit The Garlic Farm and actually eat some yummy food in The Garlic Farm Cafe. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

The Garlic Farm are on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

logo for the garlic farm

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