Review of PoppetPuzzles- Silent Children’s Puzzle App

poppetpuzzle app fairies

Photo showing the 3 difficulty settings on PoppetPuzzles app

I was contacted on twitter by a company called Poppet Universe to see if I would like to review their children’s puzzle app called PoppetPuzzles. I said yes please! and was sent a code to download the full version of the app for free from the itunes app store which normally retails for £1.99.

The PoppetPuzzles app was quick and easy to download and my daughter adores it! It is bright and visually stimulating. The pictures used for the puzzles have been handpainted by established artist Emma Alcock. PoppetPuzzles features ‘Inspirational Artwork for Children for the digital age’.

The puzzle app is silent! How fab is that! There are no noises to give you a headache and this also means that this app is just perfect for giving to your child to play with in the library, on car journeys, in appointments, etc. The iphone is so useful as a distraction technique for kiddies especially when you are trying to do something important like have an appointment at the dentist, talk to someone on the home phone,etc. It makes such a change to have a silent child app that your child can happily play on …in silence. :o)

There is a wide variety of different puzzle pictures to choose from and there is truly something for everyone. My daughter’s favourite category is the fairies and here is why….

fairy puzzles app Aren’t they just gorgeous!  The other categories are Wild Animals, Sea Creatures, Machines, Dinosaurs and Insects. It’s a unisex app that is well suited to both boys and girls. It is a bargain at only £1.99 as it will keep your little one busy for hours.

You can choose from 3 difficulties, Easy, Medium and Hard.

Easy divides the puzzle picture in 4 pieces, Medium divides it into 9 pieces and Hard divides it into 16 pieces. Your child has to drag the pieces around, one space at a time, to complete the puzzle and there is a ‘show me’ button is they get stuck and want to give up and see the picture.

puzzle app for iphone poppetpuzzlesI can see this app being played with by my daughter for years to come so I highly recommend it to you all. I’m afraid my iphone no longer actually works as a phone so I instead only use it for apps for my daughter and me to play with so I am therefore so pleased that they kindly sent this app to me for free.

You can download it in the Google Play store and in the itunes store. There is also a free version available which is advertising free that gives you 6 puzzles to play with and it also showcases the full 36 puzzles that you get in the paid version.

logo for Poppet Universe PoppetPuzzlesA percentage of the revenue generated by the sale of PoppetPuzzles goes to Charity and you can read more about that here.

You can find and chat to Emma from Poppet Universe on twitter. I really hope her and her friend Schehrezade decide to bring out more apps in the future. :o)

You can see all the poppets that are featured in the PoppetPuzzles app by clicking here.

* All photos are courtesy of Poppets Universe

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