Review of Zumba Exhilarate DVD Box Set With Toning Sticks

Zumba exhilarate dvd set

I was sent the Zumba Fitness Exhilarate DVD Box set to review and it’s fantastic.This set has been out quite a while and I am very delayed in writing this post and for that I wish to sincereley apologise to the lovely PR team who sent me the DVDs.

I have reviewed the Zumba Fitness DVD set on my blog before and if you read that review you will know that I am now a Zumba fanatic. I absolutely love the party feel of Zumba and it is such a fun way to get fit and stay healthy.

I did start going to Zumba classes but sadly moved house amongst other things and it meant I stopped attending my classes. For that reason I am so grateful to Zumba Fitness for sending me these DVDs as I am lucky enough to be able to Zumba myself fit at home.

The Zumba Exhiliarate set contains 7 different DVDs and a set of ‘shake shakes’ as my daughter calls them. Actually called ‘Toning Sticks’…I like shake shakes though. It sounds more Zumba stylee!

zumba dvd

The DVDs are presented in a visually pleasing fold out wallet and I like that this is more eco friendly than the conventional plastic dvd cases.  The DVDs in the set are as follows:-

  • Step By Step –  This disc is a basic guide to break down the main Zumba steps
  • Activate – This 45-minute disc is an easy-to-follow class to get you started at Zumba.
  • Ripped – This disc features body sculpting featuring ZUMBA® TONING and ZUMBA SENTAO™ programmes.
  • Exhilarate – This disc is described as being the ‘original full-length fitness-party experience’.
  • Rush – This disc is a 20-minute workout. Great to do when you only have a little time to spare for fitness. That’ll be moi then!
  • Mix -A rhythmic journey around the world. Fantastic DVD that features Zumba being danced to lots of different world music
  • Fitness-Concert – This bonus DVD lets you experience the Zumba party live. I’m not as keen on this disc as I am on the other ones as it is harder to follow the zumba moves but it is certainly a great way to see what a proper ‘Zumba ‘ dance party/concert looks like. You can still Zumba away to the music…just make up the steps as you go along if you can’t follow the instructor on the stage.

The Zumba Exhilarate box set is £59.98 from For your money you are getting some toning sticks, 7 Zumba fitness DVDs and a programme guide/booklet which features Training Tips & Techniques, A Weekly Workout Planner and a 10-Day Accelerated Fat Loss Programme (with recipes). It sounds like a lot of money at first but when you think that a 1 hour Zumba class probably costs around £4 or £5, you realise it’s a rather good deal as you can watch the Zumba workout DVDs over and over again. If you can’t afford to pay for the set all in one go then you can choose to pay in 2 monthly payments of £29.99.

I think my favourite bit about these dvds compared to the other Basic set I reviewed is the fact that you have the ability to turn off the verbal ‘step’ instructions and instead just follow along to the rhythm of the music. The reason I like this so much is it makes exercising along to the DVDs at home feel more like if you are attending a weekly zumba class. The reason I say this is at a Zumba class they tend to show you the dance one week and then the next week you just tend to get on with dancing to the music rather than recapping all the steps.

logo for zumba fitnessThere is a wide variety of music on these discs and you will love zumbaing along to all the tracks. The discs are quite different in their style to the first set I received for review. These discs have a more ‘club’ vibe to them than the other set and this is mainly due to the lighting and setting of the ‘zumba ‘ instructional classes.

Here is a preview of the DVD set from the Zumba Fitness You Tube channel :-

If you haven’t started to Zumba yet now is the time to start! :o) Pop over to the Zumba Fitness website by clicking here. The Zumba Fitness website offers a 30 day money-back guarantee which means you can purchase a DVD set and if you are not entirely happy they will refund you your money upon return of the set (minus the P+P that you have paid to receive and then return the set)

You can keep up to date on the latest Zumba fitness news by following the Guthy Renker twitter account which is @BeautiNews. If you recognise the name Guthy Renker it is because they are also the same people that are behind the Sheer Cover mineral make-up brand that we love here at My Mummy Reviews. I have a review of their newest eyeliners and blushers coming up in the next few days but in the mean time have a read of my past reviews :-

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