Smiling Faces All Round At Happy Faces Children’s Hair Salons In Clapham and Fulham

Happy Faces Hair salonThis post is all about the amazing Happy Faces Children’s Hair Salons in London. This company followed me on Twitter and kindly asked me to pop by and visit them but since I do not live in London I sadly couldn’t take them up on their offer. Instead I asked if they would like me to feature them in a sponsored post and they said yes. Now believe me when I say it’s a shame I couldn’t take my daughter to have her hair cut in either their Clapham or Fulham hairdressing salons. She would adore paying them a visit! Just watch this video of the Fulham salon and you will see why!

You see what I mean! They actually entertain the kiddies while they have their hair cut. There are balloons, kid’s DVDs playing on the TV, sweets. toys. What more could you ask for from a children’s hair salon? Maybe the least they could do is give your child a certificate to award them for having their first hair cut. Oh, hang on….they actually do that as part of their first haircut package plus you get a before and after photo and a lock of the cut hair to take home. How fantastic is that! Every Mother’s dream of how their child’s first hair cut should be. Just magical!

You can see a price list for the Fulham salon here and then the link is here for the Clapham price list.

Peppa Pig at Happy Faces Hair Salon

Here is a bit more about the Happy Faces Hair Salon in their own words:-

‘Established in 2009 by a local mum, that wanted to create a salon that love children and most importantly understands their hair, but is also value for money. With this in mind the Happy Faces concept was born. Happy Faces is one of a kind and will make your visit not only tear free but a memorable and fun experience too.
The Happy Faces team are dedicated specialists in children’s hairstyling, that skip to work singing the Peppa Pig jingle. We pride ourselves on great customer service and employ only the best stylists. Not only have some of our stylists joined us from some of the most famous salons such as Rush & Vidal Sassoon, we also ensure we provide continuous in-house training throughout their journey with us.’

As I mentioned earlier there are two Happy Faces Hair Salons in London. One is situated in ‘Cool’ Clapham on Webbs Road and the other one is in ‘Funky’ Fulham on Munster Road. Soon they will be opening some more Happy Faces salons and they will be in Hampstead, Dulwich and Mayfair. The opening times differ between the Clapham and Fulham salon but if you click the links below it will take you to the relevant pages to find out their opening hours.

Opening times for Happy Faces Hair Salon Fulham

Opening times for Happy Faces Hair Salon Clapham

Happy Faces Hair Salon Clapham

The salons are both different as each one has two unique rooms for your child to experience while they are having their hair cut. There is one room designed for 0-6 year olds and the other room is aimed at 7-16 year olds. The Fulham kid’s hairdressing salon boasts ‘The Ocean’ and ‘The Candy Cane’ whereas the Clapham children’s hairdressing salon has ‘The Jungle’ and ‘The Studio’.

Here is a bit of info about each room:-

children's hairdresser in London

Fulham Happy Faces Salon

The Ocean – Clapham

This room is aimed at children who are aged up to 6. It has a floor that has been made to look like sea water and on the wall are massive hand-painted murals of ‘Under The Sea’ scenes. When the kiddies get their hair cut they get to sit in one of the 4 ride-on model cars that have been raised up as seats and as a distraction from having their hair cut they can watch cartoons on the fantastic ‘Crab’ TV’s (You can see these in the video above). When your child is ready to go home they will be given a treat from the salon’s treasure chest.




Fulham Happy Faces Hair Salon

The Candy Cane – Clapham

This room has a grown-up feel to it and it is aimed at 7-16 year olds. They say that their mini-mani is the best that London has ever seen! The room has a sweet shop theme and they have shelves full of over 80 jars of old fashioned sweets. The sweets are available to buy, either as a treat or as part of a goodie bag. There are 2 glamorous mirrors in this room along with a flat screen TV and the most fabulous faux grass flooring!





children's hairdressers in London

Clapham Happy Faces Hair Salon

The Jungle – Fulham

The Jungle section of the salon is aimed at kids aged up to 6 years old but if your child is a bit older and fancies having their hair cut whilst sitting in one of the 4 pedal cars that are raised up in front of the mirrors as seats then it is fine with the Happy Faces team as long as your child can squeeze in the seat. The novelty seats are a Pink Cadillac, a Noddy Car, a Fighter Jet Airplane and a Thomas The Tank Engine Train. The walls and ceiling of the room are painted in life size hand-painted Jungle murals and there is a flat screen tv/dvd at every hairdressing station.  When your child is ready to go home they will be given a treat from the salon’s treasure chest.



Children's hairdressers in London

Clapham Happy Faces Hair Salon

The Studio – Fulham

There is a grown-up feel to this room as it is ‘Hollywood’ themed. It is aimed at children aged 7-16 years. There are 2 stunning backstage ‘light-up’ mirrors in this room as well as flat screen TV’s that show movies for the kids to watch. The floor is really elegant and sparkly. The nail bar is based in the Studio and it offers a fabulous Happy Faces mini-mani that every Hollywood Starlet would love.





Both salons have a nail bar where you can choose to pay for your little princess or prom queen to have her nails painted in non-toxic ‘Piggy Paint’ nail varnish. I hadn’t heard of that brand of nail polish before but now that I have read about it on the Piggy Paint website I think it sounds fantastic and I am delighted to see that Happy Faces Salons have chosen to make it their nail varnish of choice for their mini mani  or mini pedi. There is a photo on the Piggy Paint website that shows the difference between their water based nail varnish and the normal solvent based ones when applied to a polystyrene plate. To be honest the photo is pretty shocking and makes me think twice about using solvent based nail varnish, especially on my daughter’s nails.

You don’t only have to go to the salon to have your child’s hair cut though. You can actually organise to have your child’s birthday party held in their special ‘Party Room’. The prices for children’s or teenager’s birthday party packages varies but you can find out more about the prices on the website. Here are the links you will be needing to find out more about having a party at a Happy Faces Hair Salon :- Fulham Kid’s Parties / Clapham Kid’s Parties

Happy Faces Hair Salon London princess party

They have a wide variety of packages available and for more info just give them a call on 0207 228 8151 (Clapham salon) or 0207 610 3553 (Fulham salon). The package prices can be found here for Fulham and here for Clapham but the Happy Faces team are more than happy to discuss your requirements and cater to them. I can say first hand that the team are very friendly as I have had the pleasure of chatting to them on Twitter.  :o)

The photos on their website of their Princess party look fantastic! They can also organise a Pirate party for the boys and a pamper party for the teenagers. I’m quite sure that a party at a Happy Faces Salon is bound to be unforgettable! Not only for the kids but for you as well as you don’t have to do all that organising, the Party Dolls do that for you! :o) You can even pay to have ‘Peppa Pig’ and ‘George’ attend your party! How cool is that!

 Child's first hair cut at Happy Faces Hair Salon

Photo taken from the Happy Faces Hair Salon blog

The Happy Faces Hair Salon website has lots of lovely photos to look at but there is also tons of useful hair care advice and also tips on how to prepare your child for their hair cut, etc. It’s well worth visiting the site to have a read.

You can keep up to date with all the latest news from the Happy Faces HQ by following them on Twitter or by reading their blog. I love their blog post ‘Top 7 Celeb Kid’s Hair Cuts‘.

It would be lovely if you could pop by and visit your local Happy Faces Hair Salon when you are next in Clapham or Fulham. Don’t forget you might need to make an appointment so it’s best to phone and check. If you don’t yet have a Happy Faces Salon near you then you could always start your own as they are looking for worldwide franchisees. If you are interested you can call Donna on 0207 610 3553 or send her an email at

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this post :o)


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