Premiere of David Walliam’s latest Children’s Book ‘Ratburger’ at Cadogan Hall, London on 13th September 2012

Ratburger children's book
Now I know you all know of David Walliams as being the hilarious comedian from ‘Little Britain’ but were you aware he is also a talented Children’s book author? Well he is and he has a new book out called Ratburger.
The book features uber-villain Burt, who is sure to be a character that children will love to hate. It is said to be a “fabulously flamboyant tale full of Walliams’ trademark wit”.  David has said that he can’t wait for his young fans to get their hands on ‘Ratburger’ as it is his scariest and funniest book yet.
David Walliams is going to be premiering his latest book ‘Ratburger’ at Cadogan Hall ( Sloane Terrace, London SW1X 9DQ) this Thursday (September 13th) at 6pm.
If you would like to attend this special event then you need to book your ‘Ratburger Premier’ tickets online. Adult tickets cost £8 and children’s tickets cost £6.
Here is the link to buy your tickets –
The only way to get hold of Ratburger earlier than the official publication date is by attending this event and buying your copy on the night in the Waterstones at Cadogan Hall. All ticket holders can get a £3 reduction off the cover price of the book and you can even have the book signed by David Walliams himself. How fantastic is that!
The event is promising to be full of fun and special surprises for attendees and you must hurry to book your tickets now before they sell out.
Ratburger author David Walliams
According to the press release sent to me David Walliams is the fastest growing children’s author in the UK market* and he sells an average of 20,000** books each week. Hearing this and knowing how funny is from watching him on TV I really look forward to reading my copy of the book that is going to be sent to me in exchange for telling you all about this event.  :o)
If you do decide to book your tickets and attend the event make sure you have fun and don’t forget to come back to tell me all about it in the comments.
The Ratburger book is being published by Harper Collins Children’s Books.
*Top children’s author volume percentage growth 2011 vs 2010 – Bookscan 2012 year to date
**Bookscan 2012

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