Review of Judge CoreStuff Apple Corer.

Judge CoreStuff core stuff Apple Corer review

I was recently sent a Judge CoreStuff apple corer to review and I tested it out by making baked apples for the first time in quite a few years. I didn’t really follow a particular recipe, I more made it up as I went along. I went for a mixture of butter, brown sugar, raisins and chopped hazelnuts. Do you know what when it was cooking the smell coming from the kitchen was delicious!

The Judge CoreStuff is unique as it is a fruit corer that leaves a base in the bottom of your apple. I already had a normal apple corer that I used for removing complete apples cores when I am making apple crumble but I was very impressed by this new Core Stuff one as it is a fantastic idea to be able to leave a base in the fruit or vegetable that you wish to stuff….such as an apple, pear, tomato, onion, etc.

I think the Judge CoreStuff will be very handy to have if you like to entertain and regularly make canapes such as stuffed tomatoes etc or as I have made for this review…good old fashioned baked apples.

You may find the Judge CoreStuff may be very useful for these kind of recipes –

Judge CoreStuff core stuff Apple Corer review

The instructions on the back of the packet do look slightly daunting but quite honestly the CoreStuff is remarkably easy to use. You just set the cutting limit for the corer by twisting the handle up or down and then use it as you would a normal corer. Inside the coring chamber is a blade which cuts the core out and allows you to remove it instead of pushing it though to the bottom as you would with a normal corer. It comes apart easily for washing which is always good news.

It retails at between £7 and £10 odd depending on where you shop. You can find a full list of your local stockists on the Judge website or alternatively just  do a quick web search for Judge CoreStuff and you will see it is available from the likes of  Cooking Time, Legends Cook Shops and even available through a seller on Amazon.

Judge CoreStuff core stuff Apple Corer reviewI know an apple corer wouldn’t be the ideal Christmas gift for everyone but if you know someone who is into their Kitchen gadgets I think they would really appreciate this innovative invention by Andrew Armit. It’s the kind of product that once you have it you keep thinking up ways of utilising into your cooking and baking.  I am definitely going to be trying blue cheese and garlic stuffed onions next.


(I was sent the corer free of charge for the purposes of reviewing it on my blog.)


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